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Halo Movie “…Ze nonsense.”

Once again, its confirmed!! Microsoft has denied the production of a Halo Movie!! Microsoft squashed the Halo movie rumor (a little slow for our tastes) via Movies.ign.com: “The information in the press release in question is inaccurate. We have no plans for a Halo feature film right now. Our focus is on developing Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4.” Hilarious, Frank O’Conner also shot down the latest rumors: “This is ow you say? Ah yes. Ze nonsense.”
Microsoft Denies Halo Movie Production

Its Halo! eventually they’ll be a movie…. they’re just building a more expansive fan base with the new trilogy. Hey, all of us who played the first trilogy and on… will go see it and everyone that’s just going to get into now with Anniversary and Halo 4 will become fans for sure!! ITS HALO!! there has to be a movie eventually, just ain’t happening now.

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