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The iFlop 5

Alright, so after keynote address by Tim Cook and crew, where they were successfully able to resurrect Steve Jobs from the dead to the amazement of all the brain dead Apple zombies in the crowd (I kid, I kid).

That’s probably how the Apple conference should of went, but instead Apple bestowed upon us, the iPhone 5, which is essentially a rehash of the iPhone 4.

Granted, it has a faster processor and the screen is slightly larger than previous iterations, but it is far from the game changer that everyone expected.

In fact, I would even go as far as to argue that these changes should have been made last year with the 4S.

As someone who lives in a household with multiple Apple products (most of them brand new releases), I am pressed to say that Apple has steadily lost its edge over the passed two years, even before the passing of Steve Jobs.

If anything, the lack of Jobs oversight has only accentuated the decline in the quality of Apple’s products, they just have completely lost their flair.

Not to mention the major and failed maneuver by Apple to impede the continued success of Android devices of constantly accruing more market share in both the tablet and handset markets.

What used to be a ecumenical domain of Apple, is now completely divided, and rightly so.

Here is a brief comparison of the iPhone 5 to other devices.

Some hilarious footage from Kimmel:

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