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HaloChallenges Flawless Firefight

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  • From Halo WayPoint Challenges and NEWS
  • “This week HaloChallenges.com launched a brand new series of challenges to kick off the sites venture into the realm of Halo: Reach Firefight!The concept behind this series is quite simple: play Firefight in the Score Attack playlist of Matchmaking on Xbox LIVE and earn the required number of kills for each gametype listed in the challenge objectives. Oh yeah, there’s one very important goal on these challenges—”

    Halo Challenges Flawless FireFight

    “DON’T DIE!Welcome to Flawless Firefight! A new series of challenges designed specifically to test your claim to Hyper Lethal status. The series has been divided up into smaller sets of challenges that are specific to each Firefight map. Each map set contains nine distinct challenge objectives that consist of eight gametypes to be played on each map. Of course, we’ve included an objective requiring the completion of the entire map set. For those of you that require extensive (perhaps excessive) use of your smart phones calculator app, we’ll spare you the brain strain… nine maps each with nine distinct challenge objectives gives us a grand total of 81 Firefight challenges. If you think the Covenant forces on heroic Firefight are a pushover, we’re formally inviting you to prove it. HaloChallenges’ Flawless Firefight is LIVE!So you think you’re good at Halo: Reach Firefight? Set, Start…”Source: HaloWaypoint

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    But here are the Maps:

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