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Halo 4 may have Destructible Environments

Campers Beware! One of my favorite things about the Battlefield Series was the great destructible environments take a tank and blow-up the building where the snipers are hiding…. yeah! nothing is more satisfying than blowing shit-up! Bungie an Microsoft have not taken advantage of this feature in any of the series trilogy, ODST, or Wars (well in Halo Wars you blew up bases so that may count as destructible environments, but it was developed by another studio. Ensemble). We’ve been writing about destructible enviros for a while check out our archives.

Well do we have news for you!!… Halo 4 may have destructible Environments!!

Look at the progression of Destructible Environments which are older than we think up to our Favorite BF3!!:

BreakOut!SuperMarioBattleField 3
BreakOut  Destructible Environments

There have always been arguments against DE’s; Some of the arguments are that consoles are not powerful enough to handle DE’s and the aftermath of total destruction by players on game maps. A recent quote from the GamePhys site inicates that the developers of Battlefield had to basically scale down the physics within much of the DE code for consoles. “Because of the power of the Graphics cards on PC’s they were able to make the physics engine much more realistic on the PC’s.
GeForce.com has done a pretty nice interview with Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach on the development of Battlefield 3 and why they are focusing on the PC and not the console. In the interview they talk about why they are developing Battlefield 3 on the PC first and then scaling it back to work on the consoles. Patrick explains that the game they want to make with things like physics and destruction and better graphics are not possible on the consoles that are 5 years old now.”
source: http://www.gamephys.com/tag/destructible-environment/

The Solution…. the new XBOX 720

XBOX 720
Front View
XBOX 720
OverHead View

Great news that Microsoft is going to produce and release a more powerful XBOX 720 in 2015 which supposedly will have a superior GPU. This may give the ability to Game Developers to enhance the game play and really give us an immersive feel by allowing DE’s to be more realistic than the XBOX can provide now. Remembering all the while that perhaps Bungie never did this because the undertaking would have been extremely expensive. Using the basic formula that the more a tool allows you to do…. and the more you do with it…. will ultimately translate to time and money. Its always the bottom line. We did find an interesting post on the WayPoint Forum that kind of explains that object in Forge do in-fact have destruction values. So its been worked on for Halo but not to the extent of other game developers.

If 343i and Microsoft intend to show us their mettle over Bungie perhaps is to add the huge plus that will allow us to blow forerunner and covenant buildings up! cause landslides! you know where we’re going!

We think that despite what the buzz is out there (see video below), We are not going to see much of the any DE features in Halo4 since it will be running on the XBOX 360; When the XBOX 720 arrives that will be another story!

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