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The Halcyon Times of Nintendo are Back!


You may be wondering exactly what that Japanese phrase symbolizes…

It is exactly what Nintendo has done, they’ve come back from the dead and they are full of life!

I have to say as a huge Nintendo fan throughout my entire life that I was utterly disappointed with the original Wii. From the fact that they essentially coerced you into using the Wii mote for most of the game was a huge drawback, not to mention that they substituted classic exclusives like Metroid for the likes of Wii Fit.

Well, it appears as if the glory days are indeed back as we now have the prospects of the Wii U set in stone. Yes, it is more expensive than the first Wii, but it comes packed with an elaborate touchscreen gamepad that is rumored to be quite expensive by itself. Which is why Nintendo is not making this available for individual purchase in the USA (you can still buy a regular “Pro” controller in stores that is eerily similar to an Xbox 360 controller). Aside from the allure surrounding the gamepad, the Wii U is about twice as powerful as a PS3, and will be launching with two different models initially a $300 (8 GB) and a $350 (32 GB) version.

Granted, it is slightly more expensive than the current gen consoles, but at the very end of the day, it is priced just right. Not to mention the fact that Nintendo has promised to appeal to hardcore gamers with the likes of Bayonneta 2 and ZombieU. And as with every other Nintendo console, we sure will have an ample amount of Mario games (which never hurts).

It is quite hard to say how well the Wii U will sell at launch, but at least it is still cheaper than the iPhone 5 or an iPad.

I’ve already pre-ordered mine and I’m counting down the days!

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