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Get Evoluce Kinect Windows SDK before Microsoft’s

Kinect For Windows SdkKinect now has the capability to provide applications in business and the home that may go way beyond the gaming experience offered via the XBOX.   Since announcing the SDK for Windows 7 Microsoft has been busy finalizing a version to be released soon.   We see many applications for Kinect but one of the best applications for the device (besides gaming of course is education).

We wrote about the recent publishing of the Kinect SDK and how its being used for more than video gaming.   Recently there was a contest established to offer Education k-12 opportunities to use the Kinect SDK.   The best applications would get $500 or more in Cash prizes.   Read more at about it on our post Kinect Education Contest and the Kinect SDKMicrosoft’s Kinect SDK is supposedly being released in early 2012.

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A German company Evoluce who has been experimenting with the Kinect to create movement-based user interfaces for the home or office.     Evoluce’s Kinect SDK is now available for download, but a commercial version the SDK will be released further down the road.

Forget ID cards walk into your office smile and wave to a Kinect device and you’ll pass security! Well…. watch below to see a promo from Evoluce.


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