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Halo Reach

Bungie’s latest edition game to be released in the fall of Twenty-Ten and available for multiplayer beta in the spring this year.    Great sites that offer some preview screenshots and artwork.    Although we don’t have much to go on we can certainly speculate on the features and are encourage to do so by Bungie.  Guessing is fun but for now at least we have these sites to make and set our expectations for Halo: Reach game play and strategy  clearer.

PowerHouse Map shown at X10 in February
February 11th, 2010  X10  The most recent event detailing much about Halo reach and the game engine thru a 7 minute demoed animated trailer.  Unfortunately there was no gameplay at X10 but they did show one of the Maps, Powerhouse.

Halo Reach Powerhouse Map

Halo Reach Powerhouse Map


Bungie Halo: Reach Preview Site  whatever questions you have you might be able to deduce  and answer from this site.   Otherwise start a rumor… everyone else seems to be …. heh.

Halo: Reach Mythbuster Page  lots of posts including weapons sounds like a Mystery Weapon Sound Guess what this sound is ?  We think its the spartan laser lets see if we are right.

Tons of Halo: Reach Images are out there ….  Can’t get enough…. great source.

A Great Ordinance Page ….. cool!!  Some of the preview shots released late last year included what looked like an advanced Spartan Laser for the Halo: Reach arsenal but it doesn’t appear here.   Could be one behind the classified icons…. we’ll see, we still think the mystery sound effect is the Spartan Laser.

Halo: Reach Enemies Pages great that the Jackals aren’t being ignored.. we love how some Dinosaur biology was incorporated into the design of these Jackals…. feathers and leathers!! :-)

More to come… but you can always visit Bungie’s site for updates.

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