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Download the Forge Lessons by Godly Perfection

This is probably the best fan written material I’ve read in a long time. Not your usual uninspired gamer crap worthy of making note!!
Forge Lessons Download Here
Raymond Benefield aka “GodlyPerfection”

The Forge Lessons are guidelines for forging level designs that Raymond Benefield aka “GodlyPerfection” has learned and perfected. He’s been doing it since Halo 3 and now extensively for Halo: Reach. He began documenting in the summer of 2010 and has become prolific at adding updates. They can be applied any level design for any type of game. Forge is where he’s learned map making and game arena layout but he states that these lessons can apply to any game.

The Basics of the Current Lesson #49:


• Before building any exposure, it is important to have a unique brand name to distinguish you from your competition.

• Think outside the box to come up with tricks on how to maximize your exposure time to your target audience.

• The goal of increasing the exposure of your product is to be able to trigger recognition of your content and eventually to build curiosity.


Keep going Ray!


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