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Big Letdown …Forza 4 Warthog un-driveable

Forza 4 Developer Turn Ten in an interview with Eurogamer explains how difficult it would have been to add object properties to allow drive-ability for the Halo Warthog in Forza4. This is the first let down for us based on recent show hype delivered by the 343i team. Surely we expected to drive the Warthog but alas we are victims of the viral hype again. The team at turn 10 cites the following reasons for not allowing the Warthog driving experience to be present in the game.

Turn 10 has explained why you can look at but not drive the Warthog from Halo 4 in upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive racing game Forza 4. Turn 10′s Dan Greenawalt basically told Eurogamer. The technology behind Halo would be a big investment to put into the game for only one vehicle. Gee, wouldn’t they have known that in the summer? Perhaps they’ll do it in a later version not for Forza4. More negatives were cited especially about the unrealistic nature of the Warthog compared to the cars they’ve modeled in their game engine. Some of which were the warthogs high center of gravity, “…it’s a very, very tall vehicle…. “, its got four wheel steering (“Crab Walking” as its called), the suspension is enormously larger than any vehicle in the engine.. you get the idea, kinda sucks we we’re led to believe that you might be able to actually drive this thing on a track. At the time we cast doubt about this actually happening, but we posted the positive news anyway. First question we had back then was can you really shoot the cannon ? will there be two marines in the Vehicle if you could ? there are no defined human figures in Forza only shadowy drivers. We knew something wasn’t right. Looking back we should have cited some of the same obvious points Turn 10 announced. Read more at the Eurogamer Site

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