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Battlefield 3′s Creepy Bugs; Literally! [video]

The BF3 Slug Bug!   Cool! and creepy.
Battle Field 3 Slug Bug

THANKS KOTAKU!  This is a great post from that in our opinion wins the strangest bug award for the BF3 Beta.   We love playing the beta, but man! there are some strange Bf3 Bugs….  Here is the post from Kotaku’s Feed.



Battlefield 3′s Creepiest Bug Brought to Life. It’s Even Creepier.” href=”http://kotaku.com/5847558/battlefield-3s-creepiest-bug-brought-to-life-its-even-creepier”>





Rocket tanks are awesome. But other Battlefield 3 bugs, like the human slug, kinda creep me out. Especially when somebody recreates them using actors. More »

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