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Held Hostage by Gillette?

Well, if you answered yes to that question, then I think it is time to pay tribute to the great generation before us and try a Double-Edged Safety Razor. I recently made the switch after wasting hundreds of dollars, yearly on crappy cartridge razors. I have to say, I was quite intimidated and discouraged by the thought of using an “old-school” razor. Surely one can surmise that the intensive mathematical research and avant garde design would result in the best shave with a Gillette Pro Glide!

Not so fast, in fact my experience with Gillette and the likes of Schtick products has been absolutely abysmal to say the very least. So, despite the stultifying stories of an imperfect and tedious shave that has been passed down the grapevine of “dangerous” safety razor shaving, I decided to make the plunge. Bought myself an Edwin Jagger, Poraso pre-shave, soap, and after-shave, along with two different types of blades.

Yes, the shaving experience takes slightly longer, anywhere from a 15-20 minute shave with approximately 2 passes, but the closeness of the shave is unparalleled. Did I mention that I now have next to no irritation when I am done having? Yes, that’s correct, absolutely no irritation! Despite those slick and compelling marketing schemes, more blades not only doesn’t result in a closer shave, it actually results in more irritable areas (at least for sensitive skin, like mine!). I also found that after 3-4 shaves with a cartridge razor, there would be a significant amount of tugging from the razor on my scruff or 5 0′clock shadow. For such expensive blades, they would barely maintain their sharpness, resulting in plenty of cartridges being tossed into the garbage.

To test out the different selection of blades, I tried Derby, Feather, and Astra blades.

Derby blades: Decent and smooth shave, but not sharp enough for my liking.

Feather Blades: Aside from being made in Japan, these steel blades are also manufactured by a surgical equipment company. Consequently, these blades are considered some of the sharpest blades in town, and they definitely live up to their reputation. It offers up an extremely close shave, but requires close attention as well. Unfortunately, while I really liked these blades, they weren’t the right type of blade for my skin.

Astra Blades: These blades are made in Russia and are known for their very smooth shaves. Although they weren’t quite as sharp as the Feather blades, they often produce a remarkably close shave. Furthermore, they also tend to be much more forgiving than the Feather blades and are well-suited for the beginner. On another note, they aren’t only a very reputable blade amongst wet shavers, they are also the best priced. I bought 100 blades for $10 (each blade lasts 7-10 shaves without losing its sharpness!)

I have found that not only are Safety Razors the most affordable way to shave, as the razor and the additional items cost around $70 and will last me for than a year at least! They also offer the closest shave, in the process reviving the old art form of attaining the perfect shave!

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The Halcyon Times of Nintendo are Back!


You may be wondering exactly what that Japanese phrase symbolizes…

It is exactly what Nintendo has done, they’ve come back from the dead and they are full of life!

I have to say as a huge Nintendo fan throughout my entire life that I was utterly disappointed with the original Wii. From the fact that they essentially coerced you into using the Wii mote for most of the game was a huge drawback, not to mention that they substituted classic exclusives like Metroid for the likes of Wii Fit.

Well, it appears as if the glory days are indeed back as we now have the prospects of the Wii U set in stone. Yes, it is more expensive than the first Wii, but it comes packed with an elaborate touchscreen gamepad that is rumored to be quite expensive by itself. Which is why Nintendo is not making this available for individual purchase in the USA (you can still buy a regular “Pro” controller in stores that is eerily similar to an Xbox 360 controller). Aside from the allure surrounding the gamepad, the Wii U is about twice as powerful as a PS3, and will be launching with two different models initially a $300 (8 GB) and a $350 (32 GB) version.

Granted, it is slightly more expensive than the current gen consoles, but at the very end of the day, it is priced just right. Not to mention the fact that Nintendo has promised to appeal to hardcore gamers with the likes of Bayonneta 2 and ZombieU. And as with every other Nintendo console, we sure will have an ample amount of Mario games (which never hurts).

It is quite hard to say how well the Wii U will sell at launch, but at least it is still cheaper than the iPhone 5 or an iPad.

I’ve already pre-ordered mine and I’m counting down the days!

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The iFlop 5

Alright, so after keynote address by Tim Cook and crew, where they were successfully able to resurrect Steve Jobs from the dead to the amazement of all the brain dead Apple zombies in the crowd (I kid, I kid).

That’s probably how the Apple conference should of went, but instead Apple bestowed upon us, the iPhone 5, which is essentially a rehash of the iPhone 4.

Granted, it has a faster processor and the screen is slightly larger than previous iterations, but it is far from the game changer that everyone expected.

In fact, I would even go as far as to argue that these changes should have been made last year with the 4S.

As someone who lives in a household with multiple Apple products (most of them brand new releases), I am pressed to say that Apple has steadily lost its edge over the passed two years, even before the passing of Steve Jobs.

If anything, the lack of Jobs oversight has only accentuated the decline in the quality of Apple’s products, they just have completely lost their flair.

Not to mention the major and failed maneuver by Apple to impede the continued success of Android devices of constantly accruing more market share in both the tablet and handset markets.

What used to be a ecumenical domain of Apple, is now completely divided, and rightly so.

Here is a brief comparison of the iPhone 5 to other devices.

Some hilarious footage from Kimmel:

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