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Its not only Halo’s 10th Bday but Xbox’s

VGchartz Logo

VgChartz did a great job putting this one together:

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of not only Halo but also Xbox, and Microsoft’s first foray into the home console race. Join us as we celebrate 10 exciting years in the best way we know how, with facts and figures!

*Submit your own Xbox number-related fact for a chance to win an Amazon Voucher.*

1. Since joining the race, Microsoft have sold over 80 million (82.56m) consoles and could pass the big 100 mark as soon as next holiday!

2. Over 43 million Halo games have been sold, with nearly 30 million this generation alone.

3. The average Gamerscore on Xbox Live is 11,286 (as of March 2011).

4. Xbox Live now has over 35 million members.

5. Kinect became the fastest selling gadget of all time last year, selling over 8 million units in 60 days.

6. Every mainline Forza Motorsport, Gears of War and Halo entry has scored 90+ on Metacritic.

7. The Fable franchise has sold over 10 million games.

8. More than 6.3 billion achievements have been unlocked since the Xbox 360′s launch (as of March 2011).

9. Over 130 games have sold 1 million copies or more on Xbox 360.

10. Thanks to Modern Warfare 3, the Call of Duty franchise has sold over 50 million games this generation on Xbox 360.

11. Over 20 million users log on to Xbox Live every day.

12. Uno was the first XBLA game to exceed 1 million units, it did so in March 2007.

13. Halo: Reach holds the record for biggest launch of an exclusive console game, managing over 4 million copies in its first week.

14. The Xbox 360 is the only console in U.S history to increase year over year in every year of its life (so far) – that’s over 5 years of constant growth and it’s on track to continue the streak this year!

15. Since its launch, the Xbox 360 has sold half a billion games, and that’s not even including digital/XBLA sales.

16. A new Xbox Live player signs up at the rate of every 2 seconds.

17. Over 6 million personal messages are sent between Xbox Live members every day.

18. Towards the end of 2011, the Xbox 360 will have outsold every Sega and Nintendo home console (excluding the Wii).

19. More than 100 million songs/tracks for music games have been downloaded through Xbox Live.

20. The Xbox 360′s attach rate is 9 games per system in the US, and over 10 in the UK.

21. There are over 4.6 million Xbox Live members using the Netflix application.

22. It would take roughly 485 billion Xbox 360s laid end to end in order to build a bridge to the sun.

23. The average conversion rate for XBLA titles (that is, the chance of someone who has downloaded the trial then going on to purchase the full game) is 18% (2007).

24. Xbox Live is estimated to have made over $1 billion in revenue in 2010.

25. Around 100 downloads of gaming and entertainment content from Xbox Live Marketplace take place every second.

26. Since its launch 1 year ago, Kinect has sold over 25 million games (including Kinect Adventures).

27. Gold members average 575 achievements unlocked per member, whilst Silver members unlock 208 per member.

28. In the seven years from its launch, Xbox Live members have spent more than 17 billion hours on Xbox Live.

29. Stallion83 has the highest Gamerscore ever with over 650,000, he’s aiming for 1 million.

30. The recently released Modern Warfare 3 smashed Black Ops’ record for concurrent users on Xbox Live. The previous record was 2.6 million.

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Get Evoluce Kinect Windows SDK before Microsoft’s

Kinect For Windows SdkKinect now has the capability to provide applications in business and the home that may go way beyond the gaming experience offered via the XBOX.   Since announcing the SDK for Windows 7 Microsoft has been busy finalizing a version to be released soon.   We see many applications for Kinect but one of the best applications for the device (besides gaming of course is education).

We wrote about the recent publishing of the Kinect SDK and how its being used for more than video gaming.   Recently there was a contest established to offer Education k-12 opportunities to use the Kinect SDK.   The best applications would get $500 or more in Cash prizes.   Read more at about it on our post Kinect Education Contest and the Kinect SDKMicrosoft’s Kinect SDK is supposedly being released in early 2012.

Evoluce Logo

A German company Evoluce who has been experimenting with the Kinect to create movement-based user interfaces for the home or office.     Evoluce’s Kinect SDK is now available for download, but a commercial version the SDK will be released further down the road.

Forget ID cards walk into your office smile and wave to a Kinect device and you’ll pass security! Well…. watch below to see a promo from Evoluce.


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Halo CE 10th Anniversary Arrives!

Its Here!! After ten years we can now see some definition on the landscapes…. looks awesome! We’ve added all some of the best videos from YouTube as previews. Were too busy playing!! Some of the best gaming experiences are re-lived!! These were our favorite maps years ago and now that feeling has just been re-enforced with Halo CE Anniversary. Here’s what we’ve compiled on the main points… Enjoy!….



CampaignHalo game engine new Latest Halo: Reach "Like" rendering; Switchable to Classic or HD Modes
Co-OP 4-player online; 2-player local but no local + online co-op
Halo: Anniversary MultiplayerWe know, Its the Halo: Reach engine with Re-Done Maps that look awesome!!!!
Six Original Anniversary maps that can Only be played in Anniversary but, the game comes with a code that lets you download the maps (a 1.2GB download) to your Xbox 360 so that you can play them in Reach. Which will run you 1200 Microsoft Points or $15 bucks.
Weapons ChangesThe M6D Pistol is available.
The DMR is present in place of the Battle Rifle. (Multi-Player always, not in Classic Campaign)
Six New Maps
Timberland / Ridgeline Timberland / Ridgeline FLY THRU
Beaver Creek / Battle CreekBeaver Creek / Battle Creek FLY THRU

Damnation / PenanceDamnation / Penance FLY THRU

Prisoner / SolitaryPrisoner / Solitary FLY THRU

Hang 'Em High / High NoonHang 'Em High / High Noon FLY THRU

Headlong / BreakneckHeadlong / Breakneck FLY THRU

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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Map Pack Coming To Halo: Reach

Straight from G4TV

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

343 Industries is bringing Halo fans a rose-tinted walk down memory lane with the series’ first game arriving in newly remastered form, Halo: Combat …

Continue reading Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Map Pack Coming To Halo: Reach

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Major’s Minute Halo: Anniversary


Some Low-key hype around the launch of Halo Anniversary.  Insiders going old-school and hosted a  Party we weren’t invited to…. but it was cool to read anyway check it out at waypoint

From Waypoint:
The Major hosted a LAN party to celebrate the release of Halo: Anniversary. Some 343-ers attend and connected to the party.

“Join us for a stroll down memory lane, and prepare to do the same in a mere four days!P.S. I can neither confirm nor deny that David Ellis tore it up on the Gauss ‘Hog turret that night. I can say, however, that we are currently not on speaking terms. See more at Halow WayPoint Major’s Minute – Halo: Anniversary

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Microsoft, October sales and holiday hopes

Microsoft had a good October. With 393,000 Xbox consoles sold in the US, last month saw 21% growth over the same month last year. Of course, Kinect was released last November so, when given a chance to talk with Microsoft product manager David Dennis about sales numbers, I asked if he thought monthly sales numbers would exceed last November and December’s.

“The rule of thumb you can look at,” Dennis explained, “is you take October and you double it and that’s your November and you double your November and that’s your December.” With that rule of thumb in mind, our napkin math puts this November’s Xbox 360 sales at 786K, far short of last November’s staggering 1.37 million Xbox consoles. But Dennis said that there’s “an incredible amount of momentum behind the platform right now,” and Microsoft is hopeful that Kinect can strike holiday gold a second year in a row.

Continue reading Microsoft talks October sales, and their hopes for the holidays

JoystiqMicrosoft talks October sales, and their hopes for the holidays originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 11 Nov 2011 23:45:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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A Decade of Halo give us an Age Of Gratitude

There are some great Fan Stories posted on Waypoint’s site some remind me of my self others not so much. You can tell from these posts that there are more fans out there that think the same. The same as us. That Halo is more than a game its a community that regularly gets “social” and has forge, games and other hosting events they schedule themselves. Halo can do that like no other game series. Some of the others have been catching up the past few years but Halo has earned the love of these fans. There is such a loyal fan-base that we can’t help but predict that, just from this fan-base alone, Halo 4 will be a huge success. Read more testimonials at http://ageofgratitude.com/

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Download the Forge Lessons by Godly Perfection

This is probably the best fan written material I’ve read in a long time. Not your usual uninspired gamer crap worthy of making note!!
Forge Lessons Download Here
Raymond Benefield aka “GodlyPerfection”

The Forge Lessons are guidelines for forging level designs that Raymond Benefield aka “GodlyPerfection” has learned and perfected. He’s been doing it since Halo 3 and now extensively for Halo: Reach. He began documenting in the summer of 2010 and has become prolific at adding updates. They can be applied any level design for any type of game. Forge is where he’s learned map making and game arena layout but he states that these lessons can apply to any game.

The Basics of the Current Lesson #49:


• Before building any exposure, it is important to have a unique brand name to distinguish you from your competition.

• Think outside the box to come up with tricks on how to maximize your exposure time to your target audience.

• The goal of increasing the exposure of your product is to be able to trigger recognition of your content and eventually to build curiosity.


Keep going Ray!


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Halo Fan of the Decade Contest

halo waypoint

From HaloWayPoint and Game Trailers.

Send a photo showing why you are the “Halo Fan of the Decade” to be a part of Halo Universe history! Only a single winner’s photo will be featured in a Halo commercial airing on Spike TV. In addition to your fifteen minutes of Fame!! you will also receive the ultimate home entertainment system. And the “Cherry on Top” is a copy of Halo: Anniversary. Read more at Game Trailers to get the specifics!Game Trailers Halo Fan of the Decade Contest.

Halo Fan of The Decade

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