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Halotracker Halloween Contest

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Halo Waypoint Contests/Challenges

Halotracker Halloween Contest

There are 15 Elite costumes for Xbox 360 Avatars to give out!
The specifics are at http://www.halotracker.com/

  • 10 codes for the people who complete the most Weekly Challenges
    (tie goes to the fastest completions)
  • Five Codes given out via a raffle for doing Campaign Challenges (each completion is worth one raffle ticket);
  • If you do the Halo: Reach Weekly challenge, not only do you get tons of credits, but you can also submit it for our weekly challenges!

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HaloChallenges Flawless Firefight

halo waypoint

  • From Halo WayPoint Challenges and NEWS
  • “This week HaloChallenges.com launched a brand new series of challenges to kick off the sites venture into the realm of Halo: Reach Firefight!The concept behind this series is quite simple: play Firefight in the Score Attack playlist of Matchmaking on Xbox LIVE and earn the required number of kills for each gametype listed in the challenge objectives. Oh yeah, there’s one very important goal on these challenges—”

    Halo Challenges Flawless FireFight

    “DON’T DIE!Welcome to Flawless Firefight! A new series of challenges designed specifically to test your claim to Hyper Lethal status. The series has been divided up into smaller sets of challenges that are specific to each Firefight map. Each map set contains nine distinct challenge objectives that consist of eight gametypes to be played on each map. Of course, we’ve included an objective requiring the completion of the entire map set. For those of you that require extensive (perhaps excessive) use of your smart phones calculator app, we’ll spare you the brain strain… nine maps each with nine distinct challenge objectives gives us a grand total of 81 Firefight challenges. If you think the Covenant forces on heroic Firefight are a pushover, we’re formally inviting you to prove it. HaloChallenges’ Flawless Firefight is LIVE!So you think you’re good at Halo: Reach Firefight? Set, Start…”Source: HaloWaypoint

    Visit HaloChallenges.com

    But here are the Maps:

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    HALO: GLASSLANDS Available

    Karen Travis HALO: GLASSLANDS

    Glasslands is now available….It follows the Human Covenant War and includes a venture out to an artificial planet created by the Forerunners. A great summary is posted on http://www.halopedian.com/Halo:_Glasslands Also read more about the book developement at http://halo.xbox.com

    Here’s Exerpt:

    Though the Covenant has collapsed, humanity’s war is far from over…

    “The galaxy is in chaos. The aftermath of a star-spanning war has left everything in doubt – and the ruins of two once-mighty civilizations teetering on the brink of collapse. From this chaos, new adversaries will emerge, including a cruel and dangerous organization bent on exploiting the still-fresh passions and prejudices of the war for its own gain (and that’s just on the human side). The Covenant-that-was, a seething mixture of religious zealotry and rival alien species, is trying to regain its primacy and find a new path back to its former glory.”

    “Secrets and tragedies from humanity’s distant and recent past will return to haunt us, and familiar heroes will be lost and found. And out of the chaos could come a new hope for mankind: a weapon unlike anything the galaxy has ever seen… but only if Dr. Catherine Halsey and the secrets she vanished with still survive and can be brought back home.”

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    2011 8-Bit Brigade Halloween Hootenanny Charity Fundraiser

    Worthy cause add the widget.

    8bit Brigade

    From UncleGramps:
    The 6th Annual 8-Bit Brigade Child’s Play Fundraiser Raffle is here! As in years past, every dollar that you donate to Child’s Play via our ChipIn widget earns you one virtual raffle ticket. Our generous sponsors have provided plenty of awesome gaming prizes, including retail games, downloadable games, shirts, CDs, posters and more! Everyone who donates $1 or more also gets an Xbox 360 avatar item—a green Spartan helmet, in case you were curious! The raffle drawing will be broadcast live on Ustream on Sunday, October 30th. Visit http://www.8bitbrigade.com/ChildsPlay2011 for more information.
    6th Annual 8-Bit Brigade Child’s Play Fundraiser Raffle

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    China To Get Gaming Console, Growth in Gaming astronomical

    A Billion Kids playing video games!!! Start investing in the future of Chinese Console Gaming!! All of Korea is into Games and now we’ll have China. This is big business.

    Check it out …

    From g4tv.com

    China To Get First Gaming Console This Year
    China and video games don’t exactly get along. Which is why the fact that Lenovo’s new home console is getting a release in China this year is pretty big news. …

    Continue reading China To Get First Gaming Console This Year

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    Halo Movie “…Ze nonsense.”

    Once again, its confirmed!! Microsoft has denied the production of a Halo Movie!! Microsoft squashed the Halo movie rumor (a little slow for our tastes) via Movies.ign.com: “The information in the press release in question is inaccurate. We have no plans for a Halo feature film right now. Our focus is on developing Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4.” Hilarious, Frank O’Conner also shot down the latest rumors: “This is ow you say? Ah yes. Ze nonsense.”
    Microsoft Denies Halo Movie Production

    Its Halo! eventually they’ll be a movie…. they’re just building a more expansive fan base with the new trilogy. Hey, all of us who played the first trilogy and on… will go see it and everyone that’s just going to get into now with Anniversary and Halo 4 will become fans for sure!! ITS HALO!! there has to be a movie eventually, just ain’t happening now.

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    Halo 4 may have Destructible Environments

    Campers Beware! One of my favorite things about the Battlefield Series was the great destructible environments take a tank and blow-up the building where the snipers are hiding…. yeah! nothing is more satisfying than blowing shit-up! Bungie an Microsoft have not taken advantage of this feature in any of the series trilogy, ODST, or Wars (well in Halo Wars you blew up bases so that may count as destructible environments, but it was developed by another studio. Ensemble). We’ve been writing about destructible enviros for a while check out our archives.

    Well do we have news for you!!… Halo 4 may have destructible Environments!!

    Look at the progression of Destructible Environments which are older than we think up to our Favorite BF3!!:

    BreakOut!SuperMarioBattleField 3
    BreakOut  Destructible Environments

    There have always been arguments against DE’s; Some of the arguments are that consoles are not powerful enough to handle DE’s and the aftermath of total destruction by players on game maps. A recent quote from the GamePhys site inicates that the developers of Battlefield had to basically scale down the physics within much of the DE code for consoles. “Because of the power of the Graphics cards on PC’s they were able to make the physics engine much more realistic on the PC’s.
    GeForce.com has done a pretty nice interview with Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach on the development of Battlefield 3 and why they are focusing on the PC and not the console. In the interview they talk about why they are developing Battlefield 3 on the PC first and then scaling it back to work on the consoles. Patrick explains that the game they want to make with things like physics and destruction and better graphics are not possible on the consoles that are 5 years old now.”
    source: http://www.gamephys.com/tag/destructible-environment/

    The Solution…. the new XBOX 720

    XBOX 720
    Front View
    XBOX 720
    OverHead View

    Great news that Microsoft is going to produce and release a more powerful XBOX 720 in 2015 which supposedly will have a superior GPU. This may give the ability to Game Developers to enhance the game play and really give us an immersive feel by allowing DE’s to be more realistic than the XBOX can provide now. Remembering all the while that perhaps Bungie never did this because the undertaking would have been extremely expensive. Using the basic formula that the more a tool allows you to do…. and the more you do with it…. will ultimately translate to time and money. Its always the bottom line. We did find an interesting post on the WayPoint Forum that kind of explains that object in Forge do in-fact have destruction values. So its been worked on for Halo but not to the extent of other game developers.

    If 343i and Microsoft intend to show us their mettle over Bungie perhaps is to add the huge plus that will allow us to blow forerunner and covenant buildings up! cause landslides! you know where we’re going!

    We think that despite what the buzz is out there (see video below), We are not going to see much of the any DE features in Halo4 since it will be running on the XBOX 360; When the XBOX 720 arrives that will be another story!

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    Frank O’Conner Speaks out on Ryan Payton’s Departure

    Frank O'Connor Franchise Development Director at Microsoft's 343 Industries

    Hot from Xbox360Acheivments;

    Xbox360Acheivments interviewed 343 Industries’ Franchise Director, Frank O’Connor, we eventually got on to the subject of innovation in relation to Halo 4, asking why Creative Director, Ryan Payton decided to depart 343 as the studio looks to push boundaries and innovate

    “Ryan hasn’t been the Creative Director on Halo for more than 15 months and he was doing something different on the game when he left. He was working on the narrative design of the game, and I absolutely get that – in some ways he was making the game with cinematics – and for want of a better term, conventional storytelling,” Payton’s “good friend” O’Connor explained. “Ryan comes from a Japanese gaming background, and he worked on Metal Gear Solid obviously, which has a pretty surreal blend of storytelling and action. And I think he wanted to do something much more… I don’t want to speak for him. That’s so unfair.”

    O’Connor continued, offering a little more insight as to why he thinks Payton might have chosen to move on “more than 15 months ago”: “But definitely coming from his Japanese narrative background, the narrative design stuff he was doing on Halo was definitely that very European, American style of conventional narrative storytelling. You can see why he wouldn’t find that challenging or innovative, but I wish him well in his endeavours and I think you’re going to see much more Japanese flavour from him.”

    Payton has since founded a new studio called Camoflaj, and is currently working on two new titles. “We valued Ryan’s input, but he hasn’t been leading the project for over 15 months,” O’Connor concluded. “Ryan had been gone for quite some time before the story showed up [online]… The noise from the story was a little unexpected…”

    There you have it…it was hype and if not more hype… we downplayed it in our original post but thanks to xbox360achievments its laid to rest…. to see the original story…

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    Halo Movie Rumors are False! French Site Credited!

    Here we go again.  Its already viral! A French Gamer Site published false rumors that we will see a Speilberg, Dreamworks production of the Halo Movie in 2012. Sacre Bleu! (the only French I know, besides pourquoi, de fois gras!). The story and rumor started from a very small part of a French press release for a book based on the videogame Halo: Cryptum, it suggests a movie is planned for release in 2012. via Google Translate: “A film adaptation is set in 2012. It will be conducted jointly by two heavyweights of American cinema: Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks”
    We all know the saga and great attempt by Neill Blomkamp way, way back in 2005, to start the Halo Trilogy Movies. Blomkamp worked for an exhaustive five months on the film. They constructed weapons, costumes and a Warthog. They produced all of those cool Halo shorts. A la Hollywood, Everything collapsed. For reason’s never fully exaplined to our satisfaction the deal fell through. Peter Jackson then moved Blomkamp off the project and of course we got District 9. Neil is quoted as saying that he is “creatively interested” in Halo, but that he “does not wish to return to the project after working on it for so long and watching it collapse.” – source iMDB Halo Movie Trivia.

    We’ve all known for a while that you could Obtain a copy of the script that some have authenticated was the real script written by the first screenwriter chosen by Microsoft for a $1 Million Dollar payout. Alex Garland was paid that sum by Microsoft to write a screenplay. Microsoft then sold the script to Universal for $10 million. After the collapse the script started appearing on various websites, of note… was the LatinoReview.com then “kind of” verified as part of the actual script but not the complete script by this article Halo Film Script A Convincing Adaptation, from the Rampancy.net site.
    Here is a snippet…
    Halo Movie Script

    If Halo4 sparks a huge interest in the Halo series again perhaps 343i would resurrect the project. Remember the successful Tomb Raider movies came years after the popularity of the video games waned. (BTW we think Angelina Jolie would make an awsome Cortana!!) Here are some of the now classic Neill BlomKamp productions for the Halo Movie. The production Quality Rocks! it would’ve been a great movie. Operative phrase… “would’ve been”, enjoy!.

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    Battlefield 3′s Creepy Bugs; Literally! [video]

    The BF3 Slug Bug!   Cool! and creepy.
    Battle Field 3 Slug Bug

    THANKS KOTAKU!  This is a great post from that in our opinion wins the strangest bug award for the BF3 Beta.   We love playing the beta, but man! there are some strange Bf3 Bugs….  Here is the post from Kotaku’s Feed.



    Battlefield 3′s Creepiest Bug Brought to Life. It’s Even Creepier.” href=”http://kotaku.com/5847558/battlefield-3s-creepiest-bug-brought-to-life-its-even-creepier”>





    Rocket tanks are awesome. But other Battlefield 3 bugs, like the human slug, kinda creep me out. Especially when somebody recreates them using actors. More »

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