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“PSP 2″ to feature PS3esque graphics and a Complimentary Neck Brace!

The “PSP2″ codenamed the NGP will boast graphical capabilities and raw computing capabilities that will rival that of the Playstation 3. Apparently, the multimedia device is also coming standard with a neck brace, exclusively designed and manufactured by Bugatti for NGP owners.

Ok, we were just kidding about the last part of that paragraph, but can anyone elucidate on why anyone would be prefer to be such a masochist and sit for hours with your neck craned in an awkward manner? I’d much rather save my hard-earned cash and go out and buy a 72″ 3D LED TV, rather than torture myself with a hand-held gaming device.

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Movies We Recommend: The American

The recently released, “The American” stars George Clooney as a contract killer who wishes to abscond from his former life of violence, in exchange for a more serene and relaxed lifestyle. However, Clooney has trouble with managing the demons from his past. Essentially at every turn, Clooney is always being hunted down by  “Swedish”assassins for reasons that remain undisclosed throughout the movie. While this may sound like a haphazard and senseless cut-throat thriller, ala “SALT“,, “The American” is actually a slow-moving thriller. While most audiences generally find plenty of flaws with slower paced thrillers, this is where the  film clearly flexes it’s muscle. Since the movie takes its time in establishing the storyline, this allows the audience to get a better grasp of Clooney’s character and the psychological  morass he’s become bogged down in. “The American” is also beautifully shot as well, enabling the audience to have a greater appreciation for the atmosphere that the Hitman frequents.

Final Verdict:


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Halo Mall Podcast- Dead Space 2

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Dead Space 2 currently has a 90.81% on Game Rankings!

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Some Cool Dead Space 2 Gameplay

Honestly, why are you even reading this right now? You should be playing this game!!! Don’t believe me when I say this game is superb? Well, check out some gameplay footage:

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Movies We Recommend: Fog of War

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Calm, cool, and calculating could be some of the words to describe Robert Strange McNamara. However, the former Secretary of Defense who served for seven years under both Kennedy and LBJ is far from being without any critics. In fact, it is almost very hard to not criticize the man for his rash actions, after all how could one man or even a “mechanism” as McNamara himself called it, arbitrarily decide whose life to end at what time and place?  To break it down even further, imagine if those individuals were reduced to equations of inputs and outputs.  What would seem to apply in a college level microeconomics course suddenly finds itself incorporated into how to maximize destruction while minimizing loses. IIf Mandelbrot were alive right now, he would sure to be throwing a fit aside from the blatant moral implications of these actions. But, then we again, we have Nicholas Nassim Taleb to handle that task for the general populace.

When P.W. Bornum stated that “”We make our decisions. And then our decisions turn around and make us.” He was not so far from the truth we can it came to Robert McNamara.

Final Verdict: 4.5/5

Go Watch It!

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Dead Space 2 Released!

And your mom will hate this game even more!!

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L.A. Noire Serial Killer Trailer

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Movies We Recommend: SALT

Ah yes, the good ol’ Angelina Jolie is back! As a adventurer dual wielding pistols? Nope, Think again! As a pilot? Nope. As an alleged Russian Spy. Yes that’s correct, Jolie is also known as Evelyn Salt, who is accused of being a Russian spy by a former KGB agent who has decided to defect. What follows after these shocking events are revealed to the audience is a storyline akin to a spaghetti western, with a very high budget. Although the movie was quite enthralling, the movie defied the parameters of logic and reason whenever the oppurtunity presented itself. Mrs. Salt has apparently always been a one woman army unbeknown to her colleagues up until she was outed as a spy. Although we won’t divulge any further information because we risk spoiling the movie, it is definitely worth seeing despite the silliness of the action scenes.

Final Verdict:


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Too Little, Too Late?

Over at Halo Mall, we believe that Verizon’s most popular attempt to woo customers towards is well, too little, too late.  Maybe if the iPhone 4 was released a year ago on the network, it would have raised some eyebrows, but now it barely makes a splash. More than just being stale and long overdue, Verizon’s iPhone 4 is only 3G compatible and will not take advantage of Verizon’s LTE 4G network. I think it’s safe to say this product is DOA…

I’m much more pumped for the smart phones running the Android OS anyway!

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Dead Space 2 hits shelves tomorrow!

Dead Space 2 will be officially be released tomorrow at midnight!!!! Can’t wait, it’s going to be one hell of a game, that’s for sure. Even though this site is entitled, Halo Mall, we encourage everyone to pick up this game for the PS3. PS3 is originally the native console for DS2 and features exclusive DLC, Dead Space Extraction.

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Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

What did you think he was gone forever? Well, guess what “you’re an inspiration for birth control!”

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Daily Digression: What We Are Reading

Yes, the prodigy essayist strikes again! If that wasn’t a sure giveaway, then maybe the author Gore Vidal rings a bell?

Over the past few weeks, we have been scouring many of Vidal’s works and they are nothing short of superb. However, at the moment, we are currently perusing the novel, Burr, and it easy to say that is one of the seminal novels of our time. Still stuck watching the incredibly mediocre Michael Bay film or being bogged down in a terribly insipid Tom Clancy novel? Well, look no further, Gore Vidal is the panacea for your ills! In Burr, Vidal paints a vivid landscape of the political chicanery in the 19th century and an even more perplexing portrait of our country’s founders.

Per contra, we must note that in the novel, Thomas Jefferson is unfortunately labeled as a “Jacobite”, when indeed it was Alexander Hamilton whose political attributes were most similar to the Jacobins. Another caveat, this book is best read with an open mind (it is just a novel at the end of the day) and this book is not intended to be read by Beckites. The book is very nuanced and will surely challenge the way you view our country’s founders.

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Nintendo 3DS games to cost $40-$50!

Yes, that’s correct drop that old grey brick of yours and be prepared to head to the stores, because the 3DS games will cost as much as console games!!!! Aren’t you excited (sarcasm)!!!!!!!?

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Halo: Cryptum A Novel

Yes, yes we know that there have been several books directly related to the Halo series, but Greg Bear is out with a new novel that apparently seems to be pretty well received by fans. The novel lays the foundation for the forerunners and is set to be a trilogy. Although we have yet to pick up our copy yet, it seems like it would be a sure addition to our library based on the praise from fans.

Check his website out!! It has a discussion board for his books, which are moderated and responded to by the author himself!


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Little Big Planet 2- Extended Review

When I recently covered LBP2 this week, I wasn’t finished with the single player, I had just in fact completed a couple of worlds. Well, after completing all 6 worlds in around 15 hours (I replayed two of the worlds to get more prize bubbles), I can personally attest to the acclaim that the game has received.

First and foremost, LBP2 has two crucial dyads that are responsible for its renowned success in the gamosphere. The single player is where every seasoned veteran or new player should begin. This aspect of the game not only enables you to attain stickers and objects for use in developing your custom levels, but it also gives you a taste of the crude power of the tools at hand. Not to mention the fact that many of levels in the game served as inspiration for my custom levels, this aspect of the game is a blast to play. LBP2 takes the most laudable elements of platformers like Viewtiful Joe, Mario, and Crash Bandicoot and combines into a pastiche of sheer artistic brilliance. While the levels are pretty linear and straight forward (it’s a side-scroller after all), the environment boasts of creativity. Accordingly, everything you see in  the single-player facet of the game is accessible when you decide to create your own levels. These features include building your own monsters, robots, enemies, contraptions, and even creating your own music. Another noteworthy highlight of the game is co-operative play in both the single player levels and custom levels as well. In addition to that, if you have insatiable appetite for multi-player features, you can occupy your time with creating levels with up to 3 additional players.

If any of this has yet to whet your creative mind, then you also have easy access to thousands upon thousands of community levels ranging from shark chases to basketball. I even had the chance to get my hands on a level where you used a sniper rifle in first person, which was also quite entertaining if I might add.

The verdict: 9.8/10

Note: With all else said, it’s almost impossible to put a rating on  this game, unlike most games on the console, this game has the potential to recieve an incessant stream of content- on a daily basis. Given the sheer variety of community levels we’ve seen so far, this particular game is bound to last for a very long time.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 alternate costumes

      Mark this day on your calendar because  February 15 is when Capcom’s most famous game, Marvel v.s Capcom 3 fate of two worlds comes out.  Even with less than a month away we were able to find  some images about the game from the website marvel.com.  These images that we are going to show you are alternate costumes from some of the characters in the game.  The costumes we will show you are from iron man, captain america, wolverine, and spiderman.            

 This is the extremis suit that Tony Stark has worn in the comics for a long time.  It has the classic red and gold colors so its a nice default costume.     


  This suit has the colors from the 1st armor that Tony Stark created.  Even though it doesn’t look like the first armor, it’s still pretty cool.  


This is the stealth armor iron man.  I think that the colors are awesome and I;m happy that they added this as an alternate costume.  



 This silver centurion suit is hands down my favorite armor EVER.  The fact that they added the colors from the suit as an alternate costume makes me very happy.   


 This is Captain America’s classic costume that we all know and love.       


    This is Captain America sporting some sort of punisher looking clothing.  It looks pretty cool with the skull on the chest.  


 Ever wonder how Captain  America would look like if he was brainwashed to work for the Soviets? Well, this is it! 

 This was an alternate costume for Captain America from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and now they are bringing it back.  



 This is Wolverines classic costume that we all remember him by.   


 Another classic Wolverine.  The blue is replaced with brown in this costume.   


This costume is from the comics called the X-Force.  This is a very cool costume with the gray and black colors together.  The red eyes are a nice touch.   


 This is Wolverine when he was chosen as one of the four dark horsemen of apocalypse.  I like the way the colors are for this costume.     


This is our favorite webslinger with his classic outfit.    


I think everyone remembers spidey in his symbiote costume.     


This armor was given to spidey from Tony Stark when spidey sided with him during the Marvel Civil War.    


This is spideys new costume in the comics.  It has a cool glow in the dark feature on it which is pretty cool.     


What did you think of the costumes?  Were they great or do you think they should put something else?  Write to us and tell us what you think.  

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The start of an excellent gaming year?

Dead Space 2 is set to release in less than a week and it apparently has been getting very high scores across the board. With that being said, most critics found the multiplayer facet of the game to be unsatisfying, which isn’t surprising to say the very least. Developers  and publishers must grasp the fact that not every single game can have a multiplayer aspect to it (The Darkness, Doom 3,, Metroid, and Bioshock 2 immediately comes to mind). If anything it represents a significant loss of time spent on creating the main storyline, ultimately hurting the gamer in the end.

On a final note, it will be interesting to see if this year’s highly anticipated titles can keep up the pace and not become critically panned dust collectors. If games like Killzone 3 and Gears 3 recieve a warm reception, we could be in for a very long year!

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Daily Digression: The Perfect Espresso Shot

Unfortunately, although this post happens to make the list as a daily digression, however one should not understate the importance of espresso. In most European families, Espresso is something that is often held in very high regard. Unfortunately, in America, most Anglo-American families are satisfied(!) with the plonky and often watered down cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  However, it is often said that a perfect shot of espresso often frees the mind and goes even farther, by ridding it iof impurities, like that horrible franchise called Dunkin Donuts.

So, if you’re ready to embark on this mass exodus into the glory of this wonderful European stimulant, here are several helpful tips.

When brewing your espresso:

- Using a metal tamp, exert an intial five pounds of pressure.

-Then proceed to use an additional 30-50 pounds of force.

-Finally do a 720 degree twist with your wrist to polish off the grinds.

- One shot of Espresso should generally take about 25 seconds, anything below or above can lead to under/over extraction.

- There should a good amount of crema, leaving the Espresso with a sweet aroma.

Now, it’s time to enjoy your full-bodied and well constructed Espresso shot! This should successfully enable you to see past the absymal coffee and espresso at DD, leading you to more productive endeavors in life!

Note: Listening to Pavarotti while preparing the Espresso for extraction  increases the chances that you will have the perfect pull!

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Little Big Planet 2 Review

It was our first day with Little Big Planet 2 and we have to say, thus far, we are very impressed. After completing the first two worlds on our own and then joining several co-op games, we can personally vindicate the critics overwhelming positive reviews. There is just an enormous wealth of options to customize and create in this game. Although we’ve only have gone through a decent amount of the story aspect of this flagship title, we have yet to experiment with creating our own levels.

However, one must understand that the levels which were thoughtfully crafted by the developers- are nothing to sneeze at. Not when you consider the fine nuances put into each level (hard to reach items and neat co-op puzzles). Even if you find the worlds rather insipid and vague,  it would be hard to deny the fact that these worlds spur ideas for the user-based communities. Which will be the lifeblood of the game, until a third one is released.

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Unwrapping Little Big Planet 2

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Little Big Planet 2 Hits Shelves today!!!

It seems like it’s shaping up to be a stellar week for Sony and Playstation fans alike. Aside from this wonderfully creative series continuing with brilliant strides in the gamosphere, we’ve been graced with overwhelming great news.

Motor Storm: Apocalypse is set to release in April, as well as the much anticipated Socom 4. Overall, developers and publishers are kicking it into high gear for the Spring, as they aim to unleash an incessant flow of AAA games, exclusively to the PS3.

It seems after all, this may indeed be the year of the PS3!!

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Killzone 3 TOYS!!!!

Honestly, there’s something remarkably appealing about these figures, oh yeah that’s our inner-nerd reminding us that they remind us of a distant memory: STAR WARS folks!!!! The Helghast are what we’ve always dreamed of the storm  troopers evolving into.

Heck, I’ll even go as far as saying that the Killzone series makes the Death Star look like a bunch of kiddies playing with nerf guns…. Alright, I know I should be tried in the nearest Galatic Court for heresy… But come on, you can’t tell me with a straight face that these troops aren’t totally bad ass!!

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Killzone 3 in Almost a Month, Must We Say More?

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On a Side Note: News Site We Visit

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Little Big Planet 2 Released to Resounding Praise!

Little Big Planet 2 is set to be released this week to a never-ending chorus of praise! Although we have yet to get our hands on the critically-acclaimed game, the thunderous reception from game critics only makes us want this game even more!

Sackboys Unite!

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