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Amazing Halo Elite Costume and animatronic beauty! ready for Halloween!

Get Ready Halloween is coming! Its amazing that the fan base out there for the Halo Universe would spend this much time on a costume that is stands true to all of Bungie’s creative designs. Remember the Halo Master Chief Costume that sold on Ebay for $20,000 plus at the height of the Halo phenomenon way way back in 2007. But this is the most impressive costume we’ve seen so far period.

Awesome Halo Elite Costume

Here’s another view of this incredible suit made by Peter Mander FX, who’s a self taught genius. This creation looks amazing and its a full animatronic suit too.

Halo Elite Costume

And of Course Check out the Video:

We really have to thank the folks at GadgetSin.com for this one its really amazing.

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Heavy Toys R US Promotions for HALO: REACH!

Whoa! big promotions from Toys R US we haven’t seen this at other retailers. Remember ToysRUs was the exclusive co-exhibitor at the San Diego Comic con 2010 for McFarlane toys so perhaps they’re the one’s who get to show off their deals!! What a Deal it is the legendary and get a free video game valued up to 60 bucks! We remember when Halo 3 Legendary debut at about the same price and within three months it was selling for $90 at retailers. Hey why wait you may be able to get the equivalent deal now from ToysRUs. (no we don’t belong to their affiliate program, we just like to show our readers a deal when it comes along)!

Toys R Us Halo Reach promotions

We already got ours the first day! – of course!

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