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Halo: Reach for September 14th 2010 !!

Halo Reach
Halo:Reach Arrives 9/14/2010

Its official Halo:Reach is being released for September 14th 2010.  Just in time for School!    After a great beta launch for three weeks the Bungie folks are making the sausage and working on  the final items for the upcoming release.

They call it “Polish Complete” cool developer speak after final code check-in for the last of the Halo:Reach Build.   Bungie celebrated a day after the final day of Beta.   Pretty good Bungie!!

True to dropping more homage to our original hero Spartan, John 117.    After today’ s announcement and the last day of Beta there are 117 days until the Release of Halo:Reach…. hmmm….. cool!  use excel or open office calc  its Days(09/14/2010; 5/20/2010) = 117 … We should have guessed  that!

In addition to announcing the relase Microsoft and Bungie have also released high level data from the Halo: Reach Beta test, which they said was Triple the Halo 3 Beta test.

2,700,000 Players
13,000,000 Games
16,000,000  Hours  (that’s about 2,000 yrs!)
(we like all the zeros!)

Worldwide game play will do it every time!

Halo Reach Armor Abilities Jet Pack

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Download Halo Reach Beta!

**********Just in ….Bungie will release Halo Reach: BETA early afternoon (US East Coast) ( late morning US West Coast) *************

Well the download of Halo:Reach Beta is available for some but not for all..yet!.   Been waiting patiently to see the Menu choice change from “PREVIEW THE BETA” to “PLAY THE BETA”, but alas no luck.   Its now 11:00am our time (east coast) on May 3rd,  2010 and we don’t have access to the beta. for Halo Reach.   Downloaded the preview video with some cool tips but other than that we don’t get to see this screen shot!

Play Halo Reach Beta

When you have ODST its simple set of steps to download the Halo reach beta.  Insert Disc… Select PLAY THE BETA from the menu.  Forllow the instructions for downloading Halo: Reach BETA  at www.bungie.net

For the Legacy Halo2 Users you should have been sent an access code to apply and attempt  access.

We’ll keep trying let us know if you’ve got it and you location… maybe Bungie is staging the release of the beta in a slow spread around the country if not the world.

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