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Enemies of Halo Reach

All halo fans out there are very excited about Bungie’s new title Halo:Reach.  Sure we’re excited about the new gameplay, the weapons, and the Spartans we are going to play as but, the one thing that makes VERY excited about the game is the fact that the enemies we will be facing, is our old adversaries the elites.  Not only do we face our favorite enemies, but we also face a new kind of jackals that get extinct on Reach and they are called skirmishers.  We have talked a little bit about skirmishers in a previous article, but skirmishers look a little bit like jackals but they may be different in terms of gameplay.  The jackals we know were always holding shields and they were always the snipers in the group, but the skirmishers on the other hand, are stronger than the jackals so chances are that if we get close to one, they might be able to melee us.  Another thing about how the skirmishers play is that they are grenadier-type units so not only do we have to worry about the jackals shooting our heads, but also so we don’t get stuck by those skirmishers.  Hopefully, they won’t have the same football throwing skills as the grunts.  Another thing that Bungie is bringing back is the good old Halo 1 covenant drop ships called Spirits.  Sure, the phantoms are pretty cool and all but the spirits are a classic.  When, people played Halo 1 and saw these covenant drop ships, the first thing that popped into their heads was that danger was coming.  These things are able hold 30 enemies and 2 vehicles so that’s pretty awesome.  Bungie showed some screenshots of our covenant pals. Take a look.    

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Bungie teases us about the grenade launcher again

For a while, we have been keeping track of all the new things Bungie is including in its new game Halo:Reach.  Even though Bungie has shown a lot of great things from the game from the new Spartans all the way to the gameplay, there are a few things Bungie doesn’t tell us about the game, but they tease it to us by showing us images of something or a video.  If you remember, we’ve posted an article before about the Spartan Emile holding a marine grenade launcher in an image.  Bungie never announced to us about the new grenade launcher but, they did put it in the image so they are probably keeping quiet about it.  If, you look at the concept art at the top you see three Spartans from noble team, which is Emile, Carter and Jorge who doesn’t have his helmet on so you could see what he looks like.  You’re probably amazed at how the concept art looks,  but if you look at Emile he is yet again holding a marine grenade launcher, and it seems to have a scope on it so you could probably zoom in with it.  This is the second time Bungie has teased us about this so are they telling us that there will be a marine grenade launcher?  We will have to wait and see.

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Halo: Reach multiplayer Alpha to be Distributed soon.

Halo:Reach Alpha RC1 ready to go to Testers!

The Alpha RC1 Bungie had built most likely this week was their first version of the Alpha Release Candidate.   In the software world this is a huge milestone.  It means that they are ready for first round of multi-faceted and distributed testing.   Once anything is released from development with this huge volume of code to test it will be daunting for the QA teams and Alpha Testers.  

Bungie also indicates that they will be releasing the Alpha to a Few select individuals to add to the Test Experience and work out any further kinks outside of Bungie Studios.    That means the multi-player is going to be out there soon.   We are going to be scouring the web for any further leaks from the Game.  Certainly not all testing for this volume of code and this size of an application can be done in-house.   Some of the QA (quality assurance) has to  has to be outsourced.   If you work out Bungie’s schedule they probably will be on time for the May 3rd release and they’ll further work out any kinks immediately post beta-release.   They’ll do this over the Summer of 2010 so probably September or October (November, December if they slip that effort).  That release will be ready for prime time.  before the production release.  Well all of us ODST owners and XBOX Live players will be the first of the general population resources to help Bungie work out any final kinks before any the Game discs are pressed.   So, it would be really cool if I can put Halo:Reach Beta Tester on my resume!!

The Bungie Developer blog post goes on to say that  “Issues like crashes, networking bugs, and glaring graphical glitches have been identified, targeted, and resolved. That means significant parts of Halo: Reach’s multiplayer are now that much closer to our extremely high “shippable” quality bar. ”  

They confirm that while they prioritized the bugs and performed bug extermination efforts  they will still be releasing the Alpha to 1,000′s (thousands)  of “select individuals” to help.   “The Alpha testers are in for some surprises. In a few weeks we’ll release the Alpha to a small population. It’s a great opportunity for us to iron out the wrinkles with a smaller scale audience (thousands as opposed to millions).”

“Using their feedback, we’ll build a better Beta. Which we’ll share with you on May 3rd! “

Cool!    see the original article at the Halo Reach Dev Blog



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Halo Legends Released w/Senitype Collectible Film Frame

HaloLegends Cover from Target

Previously only available for preview via XBOX Live’s Halo Waypoint, you can now add a great two disk Halo film set to your collection.   Here’s a 30 sec rundown.  Its starts with Forerunner History and the Covenant’s discovery of Forerunner Halo technology and the subsequent re-release of the universal disease the Flood.  Years go by where  slipspace technology allows for war loving humans to travel among the wide expanse of the universe and in the year 2525 humanity meets the covenant…..  you know the story…!!  Humans build distant outer colonies that are obliterated by the covenant.  Humans build genetically augmented soldiers knows as the Spartan II’s to battle the covenant.    Not gonna  say much more than this is a very artistic collection of shorts that are done on different styles.   As true Halo fans we purchased ours today (retail of course, from Target) and bought the Two Disc Special Edition.    Here are the contents of the Halo Legend two Disc Special Edition DVD.

It comes with a Senitype Collectible Film Frame of concept scene and sketch from by Shinji Aramaki.

Booster frame from Halo Legends ” The Package”; as described by the text on the reverse side of the collectible card with the Senitype in the Legends DVD package.   ” The “Booster Frame” is a mission-specific zero-G Extra Vehicular Activity platform that is more weapon than vehicle – designed to confuse, overwhelm and penetrate Covenant shielding and armor, it is a fire and forget device tailored specifically to function with Spartan Mjolnir armor.   Used appropriately, it is a devastating but unusual addition to the Office of Naval Intelligence’s (ONI) skunkworks weapon program.”

“Art Credit: Shinji Aramaki”

“This limited edition the HALO Senitype® was produced from a select single Computer Generated Image (CGI) and includes one frame of corresponding film footage produced from the image.  The HALO image was digitally scanned and expertly reproduced using intricate state-of-the-art imaging and printing techniques.  The Film footage is an actual 35 millimeter film frame reproduced from the original CGI image by master film technicians. ”


Ours has a serial number and is a big plus collectible.  Wonder what others are going to get… hey leave a comment with what Halo Legends Frame you DVD came with…. we’ll tally the numbers and publish the results.   

Back to the “review” (were not very critical of anything Halo so… think what you want!)

Love the part that the Arbiter is in a kind of 300 scene against covenant that want him dead.  They even pay homage to Leonidas and the 300 Spartans its a very dark emotional animation.. we shouldn’t say too much but if you are a Halo Fan this is a must have edition to your collection.

- all at HaloMall.com….  yeah we know it rhymes.  Enjoy .. don’t forget to ping us re: your film frame contents.

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New York Toy Show preview of HALO: REACH Mcfarlane Toys

Halo:Reach McFarlane Toys are Previewed at 2010 Toy Fair in NYC from the Noble Squad!  Release scheduled for third quarter 2010.  Which means that we’ll start seeing them a month or two before the release of Halo:Reach!
The NYC 2010 Toy show exhibits included McFarlane’s mock-up packaging to their new NOBLE SQUAD characters.   Some of which included Jorge the “skull” Halo:Reach spartan we were introduced to in 2009 with the VGA preview.  
Here’s the preview and packaging for Kat the spartan with the bionic arm.
Kat Spartan Halo: Reach Noble Squad

Most of the characters from that video and the ViDoc Released last week are included in this mockup display from Mcfarlane. They basically displayed the toys with paper cutouts of the characters.

Then of course there’s the “ghost” (ala COD) or “skull” spartan Emile.   But no grenade launcher?!?!? Maybe the bandolier is removable. When previewing the ViDoc one of the scenes implied character customizability when the 3D artists exhibited the ability to be change armor and customize the Spartans.  Perhaps Mcfarlane will do the same?

Jorge Skull noble Halo squad toy

Jorge Skull noble Halo squad toy

Can’t have any Halo Series released with one Warthog, here’s the mockup, (under Glass?) must be one of those delicate 3d Printer Models?

McFarlane Toys Halo Reach Warthog mockup

McFarlane Toys Halo Reach Warthog mockup

Thanks Kotaku for the Cell Phone shots from the Fair!

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Halo:Reach Campaign and Multiplayer Videos coming soon!

Post X10 blitz of the ViDoc Bungie “sausage makers” are relaxing for a day or two (“.. for now we’re just gonna take this to moment bask in our own, self righteous glory…” ),  but there seem to be promises for more Halo fan fodder to feed our hungry eyes and keep us sated. The delicious “crazy sausage” as its referred, will be distributed soon in the form of tasty morsels and tidbits of Halo: Reach campaign and mulitplayer videos or more ViDOCs.

The X10 video didn’t really cover Multiplayer or Campaign and in fact the fly-through of the PowerHouse Map was behind closed doors. This map apparently will be in both Campaign an Multiplayer. We caught a glimpse of it as a briefly inclusion in Thursday’s ViDoc but only as an inserted scene.

I am sure that as mentioned PowerHouse will be one of the first Multiplayer Videos to come after the ViDoc.

Halo Reach Powerhouse Map

“supercharged every aspect using a rebuilt engine and some surprising new twists.”

The Reach Beta is now set in concrete for May 3rd, and the hype machine will be working overtime to as Bungie admits that  “we’ve got big, delta force type plans to bring you all kinds of tidbits about this deliciously crazy sausage over the next couple of months. “   And they also confirm more action in the Multi-Player and Campaign arena!!  “After all, we haven’t even shown squat from the multiplayer side yet. Hell, we haven’t really shown you that much from campaign. “ 

So wait and see, pay attention, look out for more, heads-up!, yo!, fire in the hole, etc.. you get the idea.   Bungie will not stop the promotions and we’ll get to see much more before the May 3rd Beta  game night.


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Halo Reach XBOX X10 Vidoc is released

This is pretty much what everyone saw at the X10 Show in San Francisco yesterday 2/11/2010. What is really amazing is that you hear repeatedly that Bungie had to “gut almost every part of the engine”, “the old content did not represent what they were trying to go for”, they also add “four times the amount of polygons to play with”, “in halo3 we had 100 colliding particle, in Reach we have 1,000′s”, elites will not speak “english”, “what if the elites really sounded alien”.

You can tell from some of the shots in the video truly have many more polygons and the detail is amazing. There are AI improvements that will make “the campaign a very different experience than Halo 3″.

Well those are some of the quotes and I’ll tell ya, I can’t wait…. this looks not only beautiful but the amount of detail…whew! I think I am gonna be distracted from game play when the beta comes out just to stop and look at the graphic detail.


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Halo Reach Gameplay X10

Hot off the Press!!

Its official announced today at X10 Halo: Reach BETA will be available to all ODST Game owners/holders by May 3rd 2010.    Bungie announced this  after the Game Demo today at X10  in San Francisco.   Marcus Lehto provided demonstrations and spoke describing the depth of Reach, and what he and Bungie are calling “the most ambitious title Bungie has ever produced.”

Bungie demoed a test animation where a battle of 30 Covenant  and the  marine squad of  eight marines.   The detail they say was phenomenal.
As demoed the game already pushes the XBOX 360 to its limits and according to other reports it will have higher granularity and depth to the character graphics.  The game engine will be manipulating a greater number of polygons over the HALO 3 engine about  four million  more.  Supposedly there will be an improved or completely re-written A.I.   


Halo Reach Gameplay X10 2

Halo Reach Gameplay X10 2

Ambitious to say the least!!   With this depth of detail and AI improvements you’ll be certain that the game experience will be more immersive if not realistic.  

Just get your cooling fans ready the XBOX is gonna fry!  I know I will no way am I gonna play this game without some kind of cooling fan blowing on my machine.  4M more Polygons to animate with every character movement, will demand  more cycles from the graphics processor… this equals more heat!

More to come….here’s the cover ( so you know what to look for in the fall ;-)

Halo Reach Cover


- J

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X10 is Today! Halo: Reach and Legends are shown

Halo Reach Gameplay

The US XBOX X10 show is here! and big attention is to be paid to Halo:Reach.  There’s a lot happening for the XBOX lately and remember X07 was cancelled and Microsoft did move X08, and X09 outside the US to Canada so the last Xbox event in the US was X06 in 2006.  


XBOX Game Room

True earlier X10 chatter from blogs with possible agendas where we  already expect showings  of  games such as Halo: Reach, Game Room on Xbox LIVE (NATAL capable !), Fable 3, Crackdown2, Final Fantasy XIII, Splinter Cell: Conviction,  Lost Planet 2; Ghost Recon, Dead Rising II, Perfect Dark: XBLA

We absolutely expect more information on Project Natal.

Microsoft started thier X10 show Media was met with an opening preview of the Halo LEGENDS DVD on Blue Ray.  They had a  follow up discussion with the 343 Studios people and went home with some promotional Halo-Legends posters.     So far it seems the Legends collection was well received.  

Looking out for more info on Halo:Reach  as soon as we find out you’ll find out!


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TjMaxx and Marshals HALO Toys for SALE! 60% off

Hate doing posts that promote a sale for some retail outfits but this was a great find the other day.   We know what it looks like but we are in now way affiliated with the discount chain.   We found some Halo Collectible at deep discounts from TJMAXX and Marshals and here’s the list of items, we had to share this with our readers.

Being true to their self described off-price mission “is to deliver a rapidly changing assortment of quality, brand name merchandise at prices that are 20-60% less than department and specialty store regular prices” — These toys were all well over 50% off we were ecstatic and went a little crazy here is a list of what we found for sale and what we bought. The image shows some of the merchandise.

For any serious collectors on a budget, we highly recommend paying a visit to your local TJX company store (TjMaxx, Marshals, HomeGoods).

After finding the action figures and RC vehicles in one Marshals we decided to visit the other stores and guess what more Halo variety board games, more action figures.



Edition/SeriesAction FigureEquipment
halo3eodredspartansolider5.99Matchmaking Equipment editionSpartan SoldiersTwo SMG's Trip mine
halo3securityspartansolider5.99Matchmaking Equipment editionSecurity Spartan SoldierTwo Maulers Radar Jammer
ActiveCamo Arbiter5.99Campaign SeriesInvisible ArbiterPlasma SwordBubble Shield
halo3masterchief5.99Campaign SeriesMaster ChiefRocket LauncherBubble Shield
halo3CombatElite5.99Matchmaking Equipment editionCombat EliteCarbine RifleGravity Lift
BruteChieftain3.99Odd PodsBrute Chieftanwith Gravity Hammer
3.99Odd PodsSpartan SoldierAssault Rifle
RedEVOSpartanOddPod3.99Odd PodsSpartan SoldierAssault Rifle
OddPodsMasterChief3.99Odd PodsMaster ChiefBattle Scarred and

Halo Action Clix Collectables

Action Clix
5.99ActionClix Vehicle PackBanshee
3.99ActionClix Game PackRed SpartanPlasma Rifle
3.99ActionClix Game PackRed SpartanPlasma Rifle
3.99ActionClix Game PackRed SpartanPlasma Pistol
3.99ActionClix Game PackBlue SpartanBattle Rifle
3.99ActionClix Game PackRed SpartanM7 Sub Machine Gun and Plasma Pistol

NKOK HALO RC Controlled Vehicles

HaloRCWarthog 19.99Halo RC Warthog
HaloRCHornet 19.99Halo RC Hornet
We did not see the Mongoose anywhere... too bad

Although we did not buy the borad game it was selling for $12.99  it was not the RISK version but one we are not familiar with, maybe we’ll go back and get it if we feel like we haven’t spent enough on expanding our collection.

This is the board game: HaloStrategyGame

Good luck finding your collectables!

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High Ratings on Netflix for Halo Legends

Wow reviewing our queue the Netflix site confirms the release for the Halo Legends DVD for February 16, 2010.  Guess what we die hard fans of Halo have pushed up the ratings on the pre-release to almost Five Stars..!!!! The DVD and Blue ray discs are scheduled for release next week. So we’ve added the discs to our queue let’s see when they’re delivered! We’ve already seen some of the episodes on XBOX Live via Halo WayPoint and the series looks fantastic. Here’s the Netflix snapshot.
Halo Legends NetFlix

What’s great about this is that enough people have rated the Halo Legends series that its rates better than any of the the Netflix 100. Non that we see in the current list have a five star rating!   We’ll see what happens when more people rate the video after release.

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Mysterious new weapon in Halo:Reach

  Bungie has shown us a good amount of the new weapons that will be in Halo:Reach. They showed the new assault rifle, the new marksman rifle, and a few others.  But, at Bungie’s website, they have given you the option of listening to the sounds of different weapons that are used in the game.  You could listen to the sound of the new assault rifle, the marksman rifle, the sniper rifle,  the frag grenade, and the plasma grenade, but they also gave another weapon to listen to and they didn’t show a picture of it and they didn’t give it a name. Whatever this mysterious new weapon is, it sounds pretty devastating.  Click on the Image below to hear the new mysterious one, as we posted earlier, we still think its the mysterious spartan laser from the “faked” photos that came out late last year.


Halo Reach Spartan Laser (perhaps?)

Halo Reach Spartan Laser (perhaps?)

Check out the original Bungie post!

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New marines in Halo:Reach

     So far in every halo game that Bungie made there was always those soldiers that back you up in a battlefield, and usually the ones that die really quickly, those soldiers are the marines.  If you noticed, in every halo game the marines have always changed, usually there appearance has changed or they look better. Bungie was able to show a picture of the new marines in Halo: Reach.  These guys look a lot better than the other marines in past Halo games and if you see, he seems to be holding the new assault rifle in Halo:Reach.  Here is the image of the new marine and click to link to Bungie page!

                                                            Halo Reach Marine




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Possible Grenade Launcher in Halo:Reach?

Bungie has so far told us about a bunch of new weapons in their new game Halo: Reach.  Some of these weapons are the marksman rifle which is the combination of a battle rifle and a sniper rifle, so expect this gun to do some serious damage, and there is also the needle carbine which is a needler combined with the covenant carbine.  These guns look amazing but there is one thing still on our heads: Will Bungie make a marine grenade launcher?  Bungie didn’t confirm a grenade launcher yet, but the website ign.com  showed a picture of the spartan Emile(the spartan with a skull on his helmet), holding some sort of grenade launcher.  I don’t know if this is Bungie’s way of telling us that there will be a marine grenade launcher but let’s hope.Halo: Reach Screenshot

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Ghillie suit in Halo: Reach

Everyone is excited and can’t wait for Bungie’s anticipated game Halo: Reach. Well the website Ign.com has released a few new images of Bungie‘s new game Halo:Reach. These images look pretty awesome and they give off a good amount of information of what to expect in Halo:Reach. One of the images shows a spartan and it looks like its wearing some sort of ghillie suit, and behind the Spartan is a weapon which could be the marksman rifle(combination of sniper rifle and battle rifle).  This picture could show that there would be more gameplay that includes sneaking or a new appearance for your spartan if you could customize it in multiplayer.  Another thing that was interesting was that there are some kind of goggles on the Spartans visor.  This could mean that Spartans who are snipers have access to these goggles and they probably have the capability for players to use  thermal or night-vision.     Halo: Reach Screenshot

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Halo: Reach Features and Bungie Site Clarifications

Great new post from Bungie clarifying the Halo: Reach “buzz” out there addressing some of the pre-release screenshots and adds more on the Halo: Reach “previews”.    Among many things debated at HaloMall.com, we did have a detailed discussion about the use of the Falcon and the Bungie post  confirmed for us that you’ll be able to pilot  the Falcon  in campaign and mulitplayer.  We saw Falcon in the VGA preview in December.


The post on the Bungie site the following statement says it all.    “At this point in the project, just about everything is still being tinkered with, so gameplay specific questions are almost impossible to nail down (but please, do continue debating and arguing what’s right and wrong with each weapon or ability without having any context or hands-on experience ;) ). That said, Sketch just put out the request for the formal URL we’ll be using to give Marcus a platform to sound off about Halo: Reach’s development progress. You’ll be getting a much more insightful look into that process soon.” – Bungie

About TIME! great to have a definitive source of progress.   Love it when they say to continue weapon conjecture from the multitude of screenshots that are being pumped out to the masses.

Anyway check out the post its a good read.  Too bad Bungie has to defend themselves awhole addressing the questions from halo.bungie.org a couple of times; stating that basically these a early release screenshots from a game in progress.  The post mentions two sites of interest and should be added to your list.  Great Rendered art is on the site ready for sharing.   The Halo: Reach characters appear from the VGA Preview Video,  Jorge and Emile (the Skull) :


Also available are the images of the rifles from the early screen shots that turned out to be somewhat true.   Here’s the Needler rifle.  The Needler has always been my personal favorite for all the Halo games.   The needler was always effective from a substantial distance without a scope, this thing must be awesomely accurate, can’t wait to use this thing!!


The official preview sites are great and you should check them out but we’ll always be listening for more from the rumor mill!!

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