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Halo: REACH leaks, peeks and sneaks

Halo Reach Beta Intro Screen

There are a bunch of  Halo: Reach sneak peeks, screens shots and videos out there…

 Halo: Reach viral hype at its best.   We love doing our part to help.

Spilling out this week is  a new stealth kill mode or a new melee mode?  called Murder Mode tip?  Then there were more character reveals and analysis from the preview video and leaked gameplay screenshots.  Slowly we are being inundated with tidbits and teasers for the latest Halo Installment Halo:Reach.    Perhaps all planned by Microsoft and Bungie to help us bloggers contribute and foment the viral hype for each game feature of Halo: Reach;

Here is our analysis from chronological leaks over the last months (let’s break it dowwwnnnn):

“Faked” Halo Reach Preview Screen Shots (from Early November 2009):

Halo Reach Real or Fake Spartan LaserHalo Reach Real or Fake Screen Shot

Halo Reach Real or Fake Screen with indicatorsGuessing from the “Fake” Halo Reach Previews in November provide previews to several new weapons and screen indicators, radar shields and way point guides. Indicating some HALO CE screen “widgets” combined with Halo ODST screen / visor indicators. Coolest weapon a covenant needler rifle? or the impressive Spartan Laser ? with an enemy radar screen ?

From the Halo: Reach Trailer we see:

 Halo Reach Kat320 Bionic Arm

Halo Reach VGA preview SkullDifferent Spartan III Armour and Weapons. Perhaps customizable as Classes ala Call of Duty (COD). Marine/Spartan Grenade Launcher guessing from the bandoleer around the “Skull” Spartan.
Different Heal Modes; The KAT320 character clad in Blue armor has a bionic arm; maybe you retain your battle scars until level completion and choose your heal options. Knives, Knives and Knives
Clearly evident are the presence of knives; but when thrown can they pierce Elite Armour? Brute Chieftain Armour ? How will they be used? Will there be Perks like COD ?

From the Screen shots showing Spartan III’s battling new and impressive Jackals:

New Halo Reach Jackals

Hey, we’ve seen the Brutes as the focus of two major Halo Releases; Maybe we’ll see lots of Jackals in Reach, next to grunts they were the next best thing to kill when having a run on the covenant. Purple blood splatters and all.

 From the latest Halo Reach Beta video released a new kill mode called “Murder Mode” ? and something besides Campaign in the Beta called Activities?

Halo Reach Beta Intro Screen Murder Mode

Halo Reach Beta Intro Screen Murder Mode


Keep the fodder coming….we’ll have vindication for all those bloggers who got the leads and published images that may well turn out to be 100% true.

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Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition – Halo voted Most Popular!

Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition – Halo voted Most Popular!


From the PR Newswire today.  Guinness announces the release for sale today of the latest “Gamers Bible” the Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition.

13,000 visitors to the Guinness Gamer site have chosen  Bungie’s First Person Shooter Halo as  first place for most popular video game.

Criteria for the standing is:
 Great video game design,
 An iconic character,
 Excellent level design,
 Perfect controls
 Unparalleled multiplayer options (IMO true! very true!)
The 2010 Gamer’s edition indicates that these criteria influenced gamers on the site to select Bungie’s Halo first and placed Legend of Zelda second for popularity.  Not what you see if you visit GameRankings.com, Halo Combat Evolved (HaloCE)  is way below Zelda in popularity.  If you compare to the 2009 version of the Guiness Gamer’s edition released the same time last year you have Halo coming in 6th place  and Zelda coming in at 5th.  Interesting how Call of Duty 4 came in at 14 that year on the Guiness site.  

Well this year is different for Infinity Ward, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is the top seller on Amazon for 2009, rated as Number One by Time in 2009, and it was voted as Number One top Game this year in the Guiness Gamer’s Guide. it would be interesting to see where this game places for other criteria.   Halo: ODST places third in the preview of the book.

Gaming Editor for Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2010, Gaz Deaves, says: “With huge game releases, big announcements and long-standing records broken, this year has been great for gaming. The Gamer’s Edition 2010 is all about what’s great in videogames right now, and gamers of all ages and abilities will find something amazing in the new book, from the casual to the ultra-hardcore.”  See more at… Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2010

To promote the book, a New York City tour will be announced and will include “celebrity” gamer guest.  The youngest professional gamer, Lil’ Poison (11- year – old Victor De Leon), as he does a two-day media tour and versus other gamer’s.  All happening sometime during the week of January 18th.  Check the site for details.

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Halo Legends Release! February 2010


Halo Legends DVD’s are being released after all the plugging and promoting via Xbox Live and Halo Waypoint.   Seven Episodes come on the release and they really get you into the Halo Story.   Each episode brings you deeper into the Halo universe.  You probably only experienced this from reading the Eric Nylund Books and of course watching the Halo Game Trilogy videos.    You get to see artisitc anime depictions of all the Covenant creatures and thier roles relationships within the unified alien force that battles the  Humans.  A personal favorite was the last episode shown on Halo Waypoint, Halo Legends - Origins 1.   Wow, not to be a spoiler, if you haven’t seen its a great beggining at Halo 101, a must see for Halo buffs.   

A special edition DVD which contains 2 Discs and retails for $29.98.  The Blu-ray version retails for $34.99.   The DVD retails for $19.98  The two disc set  will be available on February 9th, 2010.  The  February 16th, 2010 (found two sources Take your Pick.) 

You’ve probably been catching the episodes “airing” ( Streaming ) on Halo Waypoint over the past month or so here is a recent schedule posting:

TitleAir Date
“Origins” Part 1 1/2/10
Making of “Origins”1/9/10
Trailers of upcoming episodes2/2/10

Waypoint is an excellent XBOX Live portal to everything Halo from your XBOX.  If you haven’t checked out Halo Waypoint yet “what are you waiting for!?!

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