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Bungie plans for more Halo after Reach is released ?

Found this scouring for info on Halo: Reach, “unannounced title”  listed right after Halo:Reach work on a resume of a Bungie Producer 

..hmmm… I tend to agree with the poster of the original article, Mabie A.  at Current.com,  that this may indicate that there ismore coming in the Halo world from Bungie after the “possible” last Halo game,  Halo: Reach.   

This producer’s resume indicates that he’s been  involved in most of the Halo  products over the years,  check it out at  LinkedIn.

Halo: Reach is like the prologue to the Halo Trilogy and we as fans need to get more from Bungie re: Master Chief, et al and find out what happens after Halo 3.    Good Find Mabie A. !!!

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Project NATAL and Halo: REACH

 Everyone has been excited about the the full body motion controller gaming interface for the Xbox called Project NATAL.   



Could Microsoft be tying the release of Project NATAL and Halo: Reach into a totally immersing Halo Xbox experience?   If the release of Halo: Reach and NATAL tie in to 2010 it should be interesting how they get promoted and positioned in the market.   



Garnered from several posts and articles the position for this product seems to break into the “non-hardcore” gamer market that Wii owns currently.    Project NATAL will allow players to physically use their entire bodies in game play.    Natural motions and physical action that we use every day should make the game play intuitive for your non-gamer adult friends or some younger children not capable of holding an Xbox controller.  Sony is even touting that they will beat the XBOX and Wii Experience when their motion controller is launched as well.  They however use a hand held device that looks like a bulb at the end of a flashlight

  The device was developed with EyeToy, the PS3 camera maker.  During one of the Sony demo videos for the device they said for first person shooters you need a trigger for the complete experience.  Microsoft’s Demo does not have any devices nor did I see a demo of a first person shooter.

I kind of agree with Sony, a trigger for first person shooters would help, instead of a finger movement in the Air.  Heck, would you play Guitar Hero with Project NATAL,  without a guitar “controller”?   Talk about Playing Air Guitar!!    Hey, some gamer experiences just need props.

I think without a doubt that the NATAL device is going to be a must have peripheral for the Xbox Gamers.   There are going to be tons of applications and game props without attached controllers,  that licensees would produce for games, similar to Wii tennis rackets, Mario Kart Steering wheels etc.   I’d buy an MA5C Assault Rifle prop to play !! Hey if Microsoft has the ability to track my movements they may have the ability to virtually skin my entire body in Spartan Armor…  imagine the recorded videos appearing on YouTube with that capability!!!! You can tell I am excited about this product….

So far all Demos from E3 2009 I’ve seen whether from Sony or Microsoft show the player at least 10 feet away from the console and Screen (Sony’s looked like more than 15 feet, may have been due to stage requirement…).   Either way, looks like your going to have to make room or get a bigger house, sell your coffee table on E-bay!.

I now know I have to re-arrange some furniture and make room for myself  to move freely and kick some covenant ass in Halo:Reach.     hmmm….. wonder how many people it can support ? … so far I’ve only seen support for two gamers, both in the Sony Demos and the Microsoft Demos. I’d like to see a demo with more than two people. But think about it…for some a single gamer interface is probably good in a way; Imagine playing a Halo coop game in your living room with four of your  friends.


Make room for NATAL… literally and figuratively.




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MAY 2010 Release of Halo Reach!?!

According to a post on Kotaku they put together a theory that a charity contribution from Bungie Studios that includes a bunch of studio promo material and a chance for you to play with your buds on the Multi-Player Beta before anyone else does… The offer included the date ranges for game play online between April 8th, 2010 and April 28th, 2010,  Kotaku estimates that for the rest of us we should see it somtime in May 2010 ….. later an update to the Kotaku post reveals that a Micorosoft response indeed says Spring 2010…   At least I now know how to plan for the end of April…. heh  …. read on

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Halo: Reach presented at Spike TV Video Game Awards!!

Halo Reach Skull Dude

Halo Reach Skull Dude

Emile at the Thermopylae Last of the Spartans!

Emile at the Thermopylae Last of the Spartans!

Ever wonder how the Spartans make a last stand on Reach, figure it was fitting to add this image to the post as Emile protecting the site of the original historic of the last stand of spartans. The Hot Gates or Thermopylae! (see the 300 Spartans for more info!)

The Spike TV Video Game Awards presentation of Halo: Reach has been posted!  it looks awesome and explains a few things about the direction of Reach… watch

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Release date for Halo: Reach

Everyone can’t wait for Bungie’s new game called Halo:Reach but it will be a long wait because the release date for Halo:Reach is sometime in September. Its also announced that the beta will not be released in the winter but rumor has it that `it will be released sometime in the spring.

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Master Chief may not be in the center of the spotlight….

Everyone is hyped for Bungie’s  next game Halo: Reach which is set for being released sometime in September.    The game is based on a book called “The Fall of Reach” which is about the time when the covenant attacked the planet Reach.   This takes place before the 1st Halo so you can expect that your enemies will be the elites, and that there will be a lot of Spartans.    There are also a few characters in previous Halo games that were at Reach at that time, such as Sgt. Johnson, and Gunnery Sgt. Buck.    There is also another character who wasn’t on Reach at that time but was on another mission, and his name is Master Chief.    Even though Master Chief was mentioned in the book, chances are that he won’t be the main character.    When Reach was attacked, Master Chief was on a ship doing another mission.   Although he might not be the main character Bungie might put a few missions where you play as him, but chances are that you might play as another Spartan.

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Spike TV Video Game Awards

The Spike TV Video Game Awards are only 4 Days Away and supposedly there will be a demo video of Halo: Reach  Checkout  the site!


SpikeTV Video Game Awards 2009

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Halo: Reach beta release

It has been a few months since Bungie’s announcement of the two new Halo games  Halo 3:odst and Halo: Reach.  When halo3:odst was released, bungie left us a surprise in the case stating  that there will be a halo:reach multiplayer beta coming out. 

We weren’t informed of the release date but it was announced that the halo:reach Multi-Player beta will be released in Spring 2010.  All you need to play this game is to have a copy of halo 3:odst.  I am sure that people will be waiting to play halo:Reach’s multiplayer.   

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First Post

What can we say we love Halo!  the game play still the best first person shooter around in our humble opinion!.

Great job Bungie!!

Great Sci-Fi story too.  Epic battles with humans against powerful covenant creatures then throw the flood in for some horror and a unifying catalyst for human covenant cooporation with the elites.   Still like the Master Chief and Cortana emotional feel to the plot.

We can’t get enough of the Halo characters either,   Master Chief, the Arbiter the foul mouth grunts!   The Brutes!! ahh the brutes!!  They’ve taken over !!

The Flood was even cool when we first ran into them in Halo gamers we know swear the sound engineers or “foley” artists recorded someone’s regurgitating stomach  when the attacking flood enemies approach you in a fight.   Dark and frightening addition to the game!  specially when the Flood Carrier burst like gigantic pimples spewing forth flood infection everywhere!!  The only game play more startling to me was the Half Life  HeadCrabs jumping outta nowhere I jumped up the first time that happened!

Can’t wait to get started on adding more to the fanzine!

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