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Held Hostage by Gillette?

Well, if you answered yes to that question, then I think it is time to pay tribute to the great generation before us and try a Double-Edged Safety Razor. I recently made the switch after wasting hundreds of dollars, yearly on crappy cartridge razors. I have to say, I was quite intimidated and discouraged by the thought of using an "old-school" razor. Surely one can surmise that the intensive mathematical research and avant garde design would result in the best shave with a Gillette Pro Glide! Not so fast, in fact my experience with Gillette and the likes of Schtick products has been absolutely abysmal to say the very least. So, despite the stultifying stories of an imperfect and tedious shave that has been passed down the grapevine of "dangerous" safety … Read entire article »


The Halcyon Times of Nintendo are Back!

起死回生 You may be wondering exactly what that Japanese phrase symbolizes… It is exactly what Nintendo has done, they’ve come back from the dead and they are full of life! I have to say as a huge Nintendo fan throughout my entire life that I was utterly disappointed with the original Wii. From the fact that they essentially coerced you into using the Wii mote for most of the game was a huge drawback, not to mention that they substituted classic exclusives … Read entire article »

The iFlop 5

Alright, so after keynote address by Tim Cook and crew, where they were successfully able to resurrect Steve Jobs from the dead to the amazement of all the brain dead Apple zombies in the crowd (I kid, I kid). That’s probably how the Apple conference should of went, but instead Apple bestowed upon us, the iPhone 5, which is essentially a rehash of the iPhone 4. Granted, it has a faster processor and the screen is slightly larger than previous iterations, … Read entire article »

Halo4 Beta….not!!

Release date Focus, Focus, Focus might be the agenda for the 343 team. A team who will not to provide a beta for Halo 4, something we die hard fans need. In case you didn’t know, Halo4 is the first installment of the ‘Reclaimer Trilogy’, reviving the Halo Master Chief saga, due out this holiday season 2012. But perhaps its just too darn expensive to plan and release a beta along with the game a month or so a … Read entire article »

Your Guide to 2012′s Xbox 360 Game Lineup

Last week IGN’s Xbox Team checked out Xbox 360′s huge lineup of 2012 games. So here’s the full list of all of our coverage from Microsoft’s Spring Showcase. Read and watch it all to get in-the-know about what you’ll be playing this year… … Read entire article »

Next Xbox Won’t Have a Disc Drive? [Rumor]

Source: 03/2012 – Kotaku via mcvuk.com As Kotaku revealed last month, work has begun on the next Xbox. It’s codenamed “Durango”. More » … Read entire article »

“How does this make you feel?”

Direct from IGN   “How does this make you feel?” asked Brandi House, a user researcher while talking to a group of developers. She proceeded to play multiple tracks of music, ranging from ambient to percussive, and asked the panel to choose words to describe it and rate their emotional state. These results took center stage during a panel at this year’s GDC… … Read entire article »

Halo 4 Makes the top 10 pre-Orders source:VgChartz

Halo 4 Makes the top 10 pre-Orders source:VgChartz Halo4 makes the top ten of the pre-order lists in the US. Interesting since this game will be released way into 2012. Proves there its a fan base out there that anticipate Master Chief’s new adventures. Like following any good series we’re brought back into the history of the main character. A hero that develops into one of the most popular video game characters ever, Master Chief. … Read entire article »

Get Evoluce Kinect Windows SDK before Microsoft’s

Kinect now has the capability to provide applications in business and the home that may go way beyond the gaming experience offered via the XBOX.   Since announcing the SDK for Windows 7 Microsoft has been busy finalizing a version to be released soon.   We see many applications for Kinect but one of the best applications for the device (besides gaming of course is education). We wrote about the recent publishing of the Kinect SDK and how its being used for more … Read entire article »

Halo CE 10th Anniversary Arrives!

Its Here!! After ten years we can now see some definition on the landscapes…. looks awesome! We’ve added all some of the best videos from YouTube as previews. Were too busy playing!! Some of the best gaming experiences are re-lived!! These were our favorite maps years ago and now that feeling has just been re-enforced with Halo CE Anniversary. Here’s what we’ve compiled on the main points… Enjoy!….     … Read entire article »

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Map Pack Coming To Halo: Reach

Straight from G4TV 343 Industries is bringing Halo fans a rose-tinted walk down memory lane with the series’ first game arriving in newly remastered form, Halo: Combat … Continue reading Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Map Pack Coming To Halo: Reach … Read entire article »

Major’s Minute Halo: Anniversary

Some Low-key hype around the launch of Halo Anniversary.  Insiders going old-school and hosted a  Party we weren’t invited to…. but it was cool to read anyway check it out at waypoint From Waypoint: The Major hosted a LAN party to celebrate the release of Halo: Anniversary. Some 343-ers attend and connected to the party. “Join us for a stroll down memory lane, and prepare to do the same in a mere four days!P.S. I can neither confirm nor deny that David … Read entire article »

Microsoft, October sales and holiday hopes

From JoyStiq.com Microsoft had a good October. With 393,000 Xbox consoles sold in the US, last month saw 21% growth over the same month last year. Of course, Kinect was released last November so, when given a chance to talk with Microsoft product manager David Dennis about sales numbers, I asked if he thought monthly sales numbers would exceed last November and December’s. “The rule of thumb you can look at,” Dennis explained, “is you take October and you double it and … Read entire article »

A Decade of Halo give us an Age Of Gratitude

There are some great Fan Stories posted on Waypoint’s site some remind me of my self others not so much. You can tell from these posts that there are more fans out there that think the same. The same as us. That Halo is more than a game its a community that regularly gets “social” and has forge, games and other hosting events they schedule themselves. Halo can do that like no other … Read entire article »

Download the Forge Lessons by Godly Perfection

  This is probably the best fan written material I’ve read in a long time. Not your usual uninspired gamer crap worthy of making note!! Forge Lessons Download Here Raymond Benefield aka “GodlyPerfection” 10/31/2011 The Forge Lessons are guidelines for forging level designs that Raymond Benefield aka “GodlyPerfection” has learned and perfected. He’s been doing it since Halo 3 and now extensively for Halo: Reach. He began documenting in the summer of 2010 and has become prolific at adding updates. They can be … Read entire article »

Halo Fan of the Decade Contest

From HaloWayPoint and Game Trailers. Send a photo showing why you are the “Halo Fan of the Decade” to be a part of Halo Universe history! Only a single winner’s photo will be featured in a Halo commercial airing on Spike TV. In addition to your fifteen minutes of Fame!! you will also receive the ultimate home entertainment system. And the “Cherry on Top” is a copy of Halo: Anniversary. Read more at Game Trailers to … Read entire article »

Halotracker Halloween Contest

Halo Waypoint Contests/Challenges Halotracker Halloween Contest There are 15 Elite costumes for Xbox 360 Avatars to give out! The specifics are at http://www.halotracker.com/ 10 codes for the people who complete the most Weekly Challenges (tie goes to the fastest completions) Five Codes given out via a raffle for doing Campaign Challenges (each completion is worth one raffle ticket); If you do the Halo: Reach Weekly challenge, not only do you get tons of credits, but you … Read entire article »

HaloChallenges Flawless Firefight

From Halo WayPoint Challenges and NEWS “This week HaloChallenges.com launched a brand new series of challenges to kick off the sites venture into the realm of Halo: Reach Firefight!The concept behind this series is quite simple: play Firefight in the Score Attack playlist of Matchmaking on Xbox LIVE and earn the required number of kills for each gametype listed in the challenge objectives. Oh yeah, there’s one very important goal on these challenges—” “DON’T DIE!Welcome to Flawless Firefight! A new series of … Read entire article »


Glasslands is now available….It follows the Human Covenant War and includes a venture out to an artificial planet created by the Forerunners. A great summary is posted on http://www.halopedian.com/Halo:_Glasslands Also read more about the book developement at http://halo.xbox.com Here’s Exerpt: Though the Covenant has collapsed, humanity’s war is far from over… “The galaxy is in chaos. The aftermath of a star-spanning war has left everything in doubt – and the ruins of two once-mighty civilizations teetering on the brink of collapse. … Read entire article »

2011 8-Bit Brigade Halloween Hootenanny Charity Fundraiser

Worthy cause add the widget. From UncleGramps: The 6th Annual 8-Bit Brigade Child’s Play Fundraiser Raffle is here! As in years past, every dollar that you donate to Child’s Play via our ChipIn widget earns you one virtual raffle ticket. Our generous sponsors have provided plenty of awesome gaming prizes, including retail games, downloadable games, shirts, CDs, posters and more! Everyone who donates $1 or more also gets an Xbox 360 avatar item—a green Spartan helmet, in case you were curious! The … Read entire article »

China To Get Gaming Console, Growth in Gaming astronomical

A Billion Kids playing video games!!! Start investing in the future of Chinese Console Gaming!! All of Korea is into Games and now we’ll have China. This is big business. Check it out … From g4tv.com China and video games don’t exactly get along. Which is why the fact that Lenovo’s new home console is getting a release in China this year is pretty big news. … Continue reading China To Get First Gaming Console This Year … Read entire article »

Halo Movie “…Ze nonsense.”

Once again, its confirmed!! Microsoft has denied the production of a Halo Movie!! Microsoft squashed the Halo movie rumor (a little slow for our tastes) via Movies.ign.com: “The information in the press release in question is inaccurate. We have no plans for a Halo feature film right now. Our focus is on developing Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4.” Hilarious, Frank O’Conner also shot down the latest rumors: “This is ow you say? Ah yes. Ze nonsense.” Its Halo! … Read entire article »

Halo 4 may have Destructible Environments

Campers Beware! One of my favorite things about the Battlefield Series was the great destructible environments take a tank and blow-up the building where the snipers are hiding…. yeah! nothing is more satisfying than blowing shit-up! Bungie an Microsoft have not taken advantage of this feature in any of the series trilogy, ODST, or Wars (well in Halo Wars you blew up bases so that may count as destructible environments, but it was developed by another studio. Ensemble). … Read entire article »

Frank O’Conner Speaks out on Ryan Payton’s Departure

Hot from Xbox360Acheivments; Xbox360Acheivments interviewed 343 Industries’ Franchise Director, Frank O’Connor, we eventually got on to the subject of innovation in relation to Halo 4, asking why Creative Director, Ryan Payton decided to depart 343 as the studio looks to push boundaries and innovate “Ryan hasn’t been the Creative Director on Halo for more than 15 months and he was doing something different on the game when he left. He was working on the narrative design of the game, and I absolutely … Read entire article »

Halo Movie Rumors are False! French Site Credited!

Here we go again.  Its already viral! A French Gamer Site published false rumors that we will see a Speilberg, Dreamworks production of the Halo Movie in 2012. Sacre Bleu! (the only French I know, besides pourquoi, de fois gras!). The story and rumor started from a very small part of a French press release for a book based on the videogame Halo: Cryptum, it suggests a movie is planned for release in 2012. via … Read entire article »

Battlefield 3′s Creepy Bugs; Literally! [video]

The BF3 Slug Bug!   Cool! and creepy. THANKS KOTAKU!  This is a great post from that in our opinion wins the strangest bug award for the BF3 Beta.   We love playing the beta, but man! there are some strange Bf3 Bugs….  Here is the post from Kotaku’s Feed.             Rocket tanks are awesome. But other Battlefield 3 bugs, like the human slug, kinda creep me out. Especially when somebody recreates them using actors. More » … Read entire article »

Big Letdown …Forza 4 Warthog un-driveable

Forza 4 Developer Turn Ten in an interview with Eurogamer explains how difficult it would have been to add object properties to allow drive-ability for the Halo Warthog in Forza4. This is the first let down for us based on recent show hype delivered by the 343i team. Surely we expected to drive the Warthog but alas we are victims of the viral hype again. The team at turn 10 cites the following reasons for not allowing the Warthog driving … Read entire article »

Kinect Education Contest

Developer Alert! back when some of us were learning to develop software we probably tried some form of game first. What better way to break into the Kinect market and win a prize from Microsoft and develop an educational game for potential use in schools via Kinect Education.     Starting on September 9th and running through November 30th, KinectEDucation is hosting a competition to promote the advancement of education through game-based and active learning. The SDK for Windows can be found here where … Read entire article »

Ryan Payton, Halo 4 Creative Director at 343i Walks

A Creative Director, Ryan Payton has left 343 Industries. He one of the many creative directors working on 343 Industries’ Halo 4.saying he wasn’t “creatively excited” about the title anymore then adding that “The Halo I wanted to build was fundamentally different and I don’t think I had built enough credibility to see such a crazy endeavor through,”. Saying the game had become a “crazy endeavour”, in our opinion means nothing. After all … Read entire article »